Whitney Houston seeks help … again!

Whitney Houston

Poor Whitney Houston, the soul stirring crooner (and a favorite here at PopBytes) is seeking treatment in a rehabilitation facility yet again. Reportedly the singer entered an outpatient program ten days ago, on a voluntary basis, to begin work on a 'long-standing recovery process.' This is just the latest entry into a very public battle Houston has been going through for quite some time now, she went from a mega established chart-topping career MORE

Whitney Houston puts her daughter in rehab!

Whitney Houston's daughter in rehab!

A few weeks ago, the National Enquirer published pictures of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter snorting cocaine, and now apparently Ms. Houston is saying 'Oh hell to the no!' and is ready to put Bobbi Kristina Brown (who just turned 18 on March 4th) straight into an outpatient rehab program! If this is indeed true (we are talking about the Enquirer) then this is definitely a step in the right direction before things get totally out of MORE

Bobbi Kristina doing coke? Oh hell to the no!

Bobbi Kristina Brown

I guess it really is true, the apple never falls very far from the tree. The latest issue of National Enquirer contains a picture the tabloid claims is Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's seventeen-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown snorting a line of cocaine! We all know the many troubles Ms. Houston has had in the past with drugs (who knows what she's really up to these days since her comeback didn't go as planned), if this is indeed Bobbi MORE

video fix: whitney talks ‘nothing but love’

here's my girl whitney houston talking about her nothing but love world tour (in support of her new album i look to you) which has already hit a few snags while she was in australia - i seriously hope girlfriend can keep herself together (she's due in france and england next month) because she must play a few dates here in the states! i've already seen her in concert once back in like 1998 (in NYC) but i would love to see ms. houston sing live MORE

she’s every woman!

hey hey! i'm so damn excited for my girl whitney houston - she's already started her nothing but love world tour - in support of her amazing comeback album (and my top pick of 2009) i look to you - she started off over in seoul, korea and apparently things are going great so far (you can watch some clips on youtube) below are a bunch of pictures taken from the tour book (thanks to @marlin6 for the heads up) doesn't she look fabulous? (and MORE

PopBytes’ top ten favorite albums of 2009!

finally here are my top ten favorite albums from 2009 (kind of in order but not really except the first one) they may not technically be 'the best' (or the best-selling) from the past year - i don't claim to be a music critic at all (far from it!) i just know what i enjoy - these are the ten albums that i had on constant repeat - i highly recommend adding them to your music library if you haven't already! popbytes over & out for tonight ... MORE

whitney houston kills it in italy!

hey y'all! hot on the heels of her recent UK performance (wardrobe malfunction and all) on the x factor - ms. whitney houston took to the stage over in milan appearing on the italian version of the x factor - she performed million dollar bill again and totally kicked ass - she's sounding better & better with each performance! whitney's planning a european tour this spring - i'm going to try my hardest to be at her london show - i MUST be there! MORE

Whitney Houston looks to france!

i know i just did a post about whitney houston the other day but i am literally obsessed with ms. houston (as most of you know by now) and i'm beyond thrilled everything is going so super fine for her right now! (she even beat mariah carey - whitney's new album debuted at #1 - ms. carey's entered the charts at #3 - us whitney fans totally have a reason to celebrate!) now some people have made comments to me about her voice not being the same - MORE

whitney houston looks to germany!

hey hey! even though whitney houston's new album i look to you was released over a month ago - i might as well came out yesterday for me - i still can't stop listening! for some reason it just took over - i truly love each and every track! i've calmed down a little bit with it since i don't want to get sick of ms. houston but i must get in at least one listen everyday! the other night i said on twitter i'm probably obsessed because we didn't hear MORE

whitney houston – million dollar bill – video

hey everyone! here's yet another brand new whitney houston video (we had one last week too) for million dollar bill (written by the lovely alicia keys) the official first single off her new album i look to you - she totally looks like a million dollar bill - it's beyond wonderful having ms. houston back again after a seven-year absence! i totally loved the whole interview with oprah winfrey ... it was riveting - girlfriend was calm, cool and MORE

whitney houston – i look to you – video!

oh what else can i say about whitney houston that i haven't said already? i'm all about her new #1 album - and below is the brand new video for the title track i look to you - ms. houston looks amazing - it's a very simple yet totally effective video! popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo MORE

whitney houston debuts at #1

before i sign off for the evening - i simply had to send out a big congratulations to my gal whitney houston whose amazing new album i look to you topped the charts this week in the U.S. - with 304,801 copies sold (she also was number one in canada, germany, italy, and switzerland) this is ms. houston's biggest debut ever - plus it's the top female debut of the 2009 (so far) hopefully that record will stand ... perhaps mariah carey's new album MORE

whitney houston does central park & GMA!

good evening! i feel like i'm running whitney houston central lately ... i've been so jacked up and excited over her triumphant brand new album (i've tweeted about it plenty!) which is already the top-seller on itunes! i'm hoping and praying i look to you will top the billboard charts! of course i downloaded a copy on itunes and just this evening i picked up a physical copy of the album - i can't stop listening to it! thankfully whitney's MORE

whitney houston’s new album is out today!

oh happy day! who cares that it's monday ... today happens to be the big release day for whitney houston's highly-anticipated (and overly delayed) comeback album i look to you! i've been listening to the album non-stop since it leaked last week ... initially i wasn't super keen on it but the album's a grower - i can't stop playing it now - i think it's really solid! i've been patiently waiting for this album for seven years now - and it turned MORE