LiLo lied about touching Whitney Houston’s body bag

Whitney Houston and Lindsay Lohan

All right, here's the deal: I'm down in Las Vegas again for my partner's birthday trip, and to be honest, the culture shock of going from Toronto to Vegas is doing weird things to my head. Even worse is the fact that on the flight in, our plane landed diagonally, so right now I'm not entirely convinced we didn't die and I'm now in purgatory. Anyway, all this to say that when I woke up this morning, I wasn't expecting to hear a story about how MORE

Gossip Links: Whitney Houston deserves better than Lifetime!

Whitney Houston / Yaya Dacosta

→ ANTM's Yaya DaCosta takes on Whitney Houston in Lifetime biopic of the singer's life OMG Blog → Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes 'literally could not be more excited' about their baby Celebitchy → Lea Michele and the Glee cast share heartfelt messages about Cory Moneith :( PopSugar → Hugh Jackman recently shaved his head to play Blackbeard in the Peter Pan movie! SOW → Zac Efron has apaprently been hooking up with MORE

New songs from the late Whitney Houston


It's still hard for me to write 'the late' Whitney Houston. She will always remain one of my favorite ladies of music, even though she might be gone, her music will continue to live on forever! Thankfully she completed filming her last movie Sparkle (a remake of the 1976 flick starring Irene Cara) which is due to hit theaters on August 17th. Recently two tracks from the film's soundtrack were released, listen to them both below (the first is an MORE

‘Glee’ honors Whitney Houston tonight!


Hey kids! Make sure to tune into Glee tonight for a very special episode that honors the late Whitney Houston by tackling seven of her chart-topping songs. It's still hard to believe she's really gone, I would have loved to have seen her make a guest appearance on the show, but unfortunately that's impossible now. Make sure to watch the clips below, the first is the show's take on How Will I Know, the second features some of the cast talking MORE

Whitney Houston’s last film, ‘Sparkle’

Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks - Sparkle

I'm still very torn up over the sudden loss of Whitney Houston, it's still hard for me to believe she's actually gone. I was a huge fan for many years, not a day goes by that I don't think of her incredible talent and grace. Thankfully Whitney was able to finish filming her last movie Sparkle (a project built out of out love for Whitney), a remake of Sparkle from 1976 (starring Irene Care and Lonette McKee), Whitney plays mom to American Idol MORE

A Ray J and Whitney Houston sex tape?

Ray J and Whitney Houston

I'm not sure why Ray J feels the need to video tape himself having sex all the time (what, is he afraid he'll forget it?) but the guy who brought you the Kim Kardashian sex tape that launched the horrid megalomaniac's career is rumored to be sitting on a couple Whitney Houston sex tapes. Yup. Remember how much people started charging for The Bodyguard after Whitney's death? Well, guess how much her sex tape will run you. RadarOnline MORE

Bobbi Kristina inherits Whitney’s entire estate

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Since Bobbi Kristina was the only person in Whitney Houston's life who was actually looking out for Whitney's best interests, rather than enabling her drug addiction for the sake of squeezing a few bucks out of her, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Whitney left Bobbi everything she owned in her will, because really, who was she going to leave it to? Bobby Brown? Do you think she wanted everything she owned pawned off for drug money? MORE

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Whitney Houston

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Whitney’s movies were pulled from Netflix?

The Bodyguard

So last week, Sony and iTunes took a lot of shit because they decided it would be a great idea to exploit Whitney Houston's unfortunate and untimely death by upping the price of all her music. You thought that was bad, right? Well, now the studios behind some of her biggest movies are pulling them from Netflix because why should people watch movies they paid to see when you can just make them pay even more money for the exact same thing? From MORE

Links: Celebrating Whitney’s life and legacy

Whitney Houston - Entertainment Weekly

• Scarlett Johansson wore a bikini for a boat ride with her boyfriend Nate Naylor! PopSugar • Blake Lively got herself a temporary restraining order against her creepy stalker! IDLYITW • Kris Humphries wants to destroy Kim Kardashian and take all of her money! Cele|bitchy • Lindsay Lohan works some mega-cleavage and panty shots for Terry Richardson! Socialite Life • Wow. I’m still stuck on shoving Whitney Houston! Who MORE

Amber Riley covers Whitney Houston on ‘Glee’

Amber Riley - I Will Always Love You

Oddly enough, Glee hasn't yet performed a Whitney Houston number despite most of her songs being perfect for the show. Well, they finally got around to doing a Whitney song, ironically right after Whitney's untimely death this past weekend, and thank heavens they gave it to Amber Riley, who can sing the shit out of anything. It's an amazing performance, and it's a pretty big week for Amber who also guest judged on RuPaul's Drag Race. Check out MORE

Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose

Whitney Houston

It was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to Whitney Houston this weekend, a talented woman whose drug addiction ultimately overcame her and ended a promising life and career too soon. But of course, no one really wanted to admit that Whitney died tragically early for any other reason than the most obvious one, so just in case you've been refusing to answer the door to reality, let me open that door as wide as I possibly can: Whitney died of MORE

Apple jacked up the price of Whitney’s music?

Whitney Houston - The Greatest Hits

Pop quiz! What do you think happened in the immediate aftermath of Whitney Houston's death? A People flocked to iTunes to download her music B Apple immediately upped the price of all her music by 60%. C All of the above D Everyone was respectful and didn't try to screw each other over using their own mourning against them The answer is C. It will never be D. DigitalSpy reports: Houston's 2007 Ultimate Collection increased by £3 to MORE

The loss of a legend, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

I don't even know where to start. It's still hard to believe that Whitney Houston unexpectedly passed away yesterday at the age of 48. Since hearing the devastating and tragic news, I've been in a state of complete shock and disbelief. As a huge fan and supporter of Ms. Houston, for years now (decades in fact), my heart is heavy with profound sadness over the loss of a true legend. I grew up listening to her incredible voice (that's still MORE