Hysterical: Birth Control on the Bottom

Birth Control on the Bottom

Just because she's hysterically funny, here's writer Megan Amram, Parks and Recreation star Retta and Weird Al Yankovic starring in Birth Control on the Bottom, a sketch Amram wrote that combines women's two favorite things: birth control and delicious yogurt! MORE

Celebrity Bowling: ‘Mad Men’ vs. Nerdist

Mad Men

What happens when you bring together the cast of a hit televsion show, Play-Doh penises, and bowling? You get the epic deathmatch between the cast of Mad Men (namely Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer, and Matt Weiner) to take on the guys over at Nerdist. And also Weird Al was there too, because ... Weird Al. Don't question it. Just accept that Weird Al makes everything better and move on with your life. And there's also a fun scene where MORE

Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘TMZ’ music video!

Weird Al Yankovic - Alpocalypse

The parody tracks from Weird Al Yankovic's new album, Alpocalypse, are coming fast and hard, and somehow I think we found one better than the pitch perfect Perform This Way: his parody of Taylor Swift's hit song You Belong With Me called TMZ, a pretty dead-on satire of the gossip site. And in all fairness, he hits both sides of the coin too, bashing TMZ for the invasion of privacy and celebrities expecting people to let them act like crazy MORE

Weird Al’s ‘Perform This Way’ music video!

Weird Al Yankovic - Peform This Way

I know, I know: Two videos starring drag queens in one day? I may be painting myself into a corner here. Anyway, the music video for the canceled-but-then-not-canceled Weird Al Yankovic song, Perform This Way, has been released and I was totally ready to compliment Al on a killer tuck until I realized he actually just digitally plastered his own face on a dancer's body. Bad Weird Al, BAD! Go back to the Raja video and take some notes on how a MORE

Lady Gaga to NME: I’m not a Madonna rip-off!

Lady Gaga - NME Magazine

Yes, Lady Gaga has heard all the rumors about she's a rip-off of Madonna, back before Madge turned into that weird, gristly, veiny-armed harpy-witch she is today. And now Gaga's clearing the air in her new interview with NME magazine, stating that she's not just a rip-off of Madonna and that her songs just happen to have the same chord progression as some of Madonna's work, so they just have a similar structure. You know, sort of like how every MORE