FitnessBytes: Jessica Simpson Reaches Her Goal Weight!

Jessica Simpson

Good things come to those who wait. Or good things come to those who have lucrative endorsement deals with weight-loss companies. WHATEVER. Jessica Simpson has reached her weight loss goal! She posted a photo on Instagram with #goalreached thanks Weight Watchers! The pic shows the 33-year old in a simple white t-shirt with her hair pulled up in a bun; her arms and face looking slimmed down. It's taken her a hot minute, and a team of MORE

Kim Kardashian: Obsessed with losing her baby weight

Kim Kardashian

(Hint hint, Weight Watchers...) During Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, a certain someone (guess who) started planting rumors that Kim was angling to score a Weight Watchers deal so that she could regain her pre-pregnancy body while getting paid for it. It didn't help that Kim went out of her way to be photographed in the most unflattering maternity wear possible, but to be fair, Kim's pre-pregnancy style sucked pretty hard anyway. Despite the MORE

Is Kim Kardashian trying to score a Weight Watchers deal?

Kim Kardashian

Ever since Kim Kardashian got pregnant, I've been thrust into the awkward position of having to defend her against people saying she's "too fat." You know, because apparently packing on a few pounds while pregnant is the worst thing you can do. Well, it turns out Kim may be talking up her weight gain and wearing stupid, ill-fitting clothing so that she can score a multi-million dollar Weight Watchers deal, because why wouldn't Kim use her MORE

How pregnant is Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson

As I'm sure most of you remember, Jessica Simpson signed a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight, only to immediately turn around and put another baby inside of her, which is ... sort of the total opposite of losing baby weight. But whatever, she's still happy and healthy, so I really can't- wait, what? That's what her baby bump looks like already? Exactly how far along is she? Did she and Eric Johnson celebrate MORE

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers commercial!

Jessica Simpson

Remember how Weight Watchers paid Jessica Simpson millions of dollars to lose weight, and she immediately turned around and got pregnant again so that she could fill her pool up with chips and nacho cheese? Well, the people at Weight Watchers are nothing if not persistent, so here's their new ad featuring Jessica smartly dressed in layers to hide the fact that they just blew a small fortune on a woman made of 70% gravy. I mean granted, Jessica MORE

How did Jessica Simpson lose 60lbs in five months?

Jessica Simpson / Us Weekly

I must have ESP or something, because last October when Jessica Simpson announced she was going to be a "mummy" I told anyone who would listen how she could make a mint by simply losing her baby weight. She did everything I said; made $3 million dollars and lost 60 pounds. I can't get you a contract with Weight Watchers, but I can tell you how to drop the weight in the same time frame. Us Weekly says she's using the PointsPlus program and MORE

Jessica Simpson is joining Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson

Gaining weight when you're pregnant is kind of one of those things that's to be expected. You can't gestate something inside of you for nine months without packing on a few pounds. That being said, when you're gaining somewhere between 65 to 75 pounds, chances are you may have stretched that "I'm eating for two" bit just a wee bit too far. Anyway, Jessica Simpson (who just revealed the first photo of her baby via People magazine) is now joining MORE