Did Nicki Minaj fake her VMAs wardrobe malfunction?

Nicki Minaj

One of the biggest stories from MTV's VMAs last night, other than "Hey look, Kim Kardashian is still a terrible person!" was Nicki Minaj having herself a wardrobe malfunction after her dress refused to zip and she had to hold the damn thing together for the duration of her performance. In a related story, Nicki wears clothes? Huh–you learn something new every day. Anyway, TMZ is now reporting that the entire thing may have been one big MORE

Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe malfunction … or not?

Jennifer Lawrence

Did you all catch Jennifer Lawrence's dark blue dress strangely ripping when she took to the stage to accept her SAG Award last night for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook? Well, it seemed like an actual wardrobe malfunction but it turns out the dress was tiered, I guess to allow room for movement. A spokesman for Christian Dior (the designer of the dress) said: The dress is made with different levels of tulle and satin and that is what MORE

Lady Gaga’s pants ripped, everyone saw her butt

Lady Gaga

Before we dig into the meat of this story -- Haha! Meat! Because BUTTS! -- let's update you on the completely contrived feud between Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne that Gaga started for attention. Kelly admitted that she's a Gaga fan, and Gaga in turn is still sitting on her moral high-horse like she has one. From E! Online ... "All I have to say on this subject is that I love Lady Gaga!" Kelly Osbourne explained. "I made stupid mistakes when I MORE

Sofia Vergara’s dress split down the back!

Sofia Vergara

Let it never be said that last night's Emmys weren't good for something. I mean, they had Julia Louis-Dreyfus's awesome acceptance speech (with an assist from Amy Poehler), Jon Stewart's aisle throw down with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, but most importantly -- at least, where page views are concerned. -- they had Sofia Vergara's dress splitting down the back, exposing her ass, which she posted to Twitter. This almost makes up for the fact MORE