Miley Cyrus hates kids?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is on the cover of W magazine, and -- yes, that's really her. I know, she looks completely different to the point where I literally thought she was another person, but trust me, it's her. Anyway, in an interview with (hottie) Ronan Farrow, Miley opened up about most of the same sh!t she's been talking about forever now, so I'm going to glaze over all of that to get to the real meat of this story: Miley hates kids. Which would explain MORE

Emma Stone looks … interesting in W

Emma Stone

I love Emma Stone to death. She’s pretty. She’s funny. She can act. She’s everything we wanted Lindsay Lohan to be post-Mean Girls. That being said, she looks a damn mess on the cover of February’s W magazine. I understand the beauty of dressing down in fashion magazines but this is just a whole different story. Photographer Juergen Teller, who can make anyone look like a recovering meth addict, doesn’t do Stone any favors in this MORE

Frisky: Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender

Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender

Damn! Both Charlize Theron and (super cutie) Michael Fassbender look amazing on the cover of W's August 2012 issue! Read the new interview with W's Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg. In Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender play siblings of the future: Fassbender is a highly advanced robot named David, a kind of favorite son to the father of Theron’s character, ­Meredith Vickers. While Vickers MORE

cate blanchett graces ‘W’ magazine’s june cover!

hello gorgeous! aussie award-winning actress cate blanchett (age 41) is the latest W magazine cover girl for their new june issue - looking stunning as always - she's one of the best actresses around, although i don't think i can bear her new film robin hood because i can't deal with russell crowe (he just bugs me for some reason) but maybe i'll catch it when it comes out on DVD! for more gorgeous shots of ms. blanchett - please visit the MORE

Scarlett and Natalie vamp it up for W!

hey kids - i just got the cover of the latest W magazine which is featuring scarlett johansson & natalie portman who are starring together (along with hottie eric bana) in the upcoming flick the other boleyn girl (in theaters february 29th) they both look great - especially ms. portman - i adore her - she's stunningly gorgeous and very smart! plus i love the little chihuahua doggie who joins them on the cover - so freakin' cute! below are few MORE

hilary swank – latest W covergirl!

hey hey! one more post before i head to work - we've got hilary swank gracing the latest cover of W magazine - she's kinda unusual looking but in a good way - plus she's an excellent actress as we all know - her latest film p.s. i love you opens december 21st and i think i might have to go see it - not only does it look like a cute romantic comedy but it also stars hottie gerard butler and my darling lisa kudrow! (i've posted the trailer below in MORE

Jodie Foster looking hot in W magazine!

good evening y'all! tonight i've got jodie foster looking hot (at age 44) in the latest issue of W magazine (the one with the freaky looking gwyneth paltrow on the cover) i've always admired her - as i suspect many of you do too! she's an amazing talent - plus i like (and respect) how she keeps things on the private side - and hasn't given into 'people' who have tried to force her to be all 'outspoken' - don't even get me started on that MORE