No, Jessica Hart wasn’t fired for dissing Taylor Swift

Jessica Hart

Earlier today, a rumor went around that Victoria's Secret model Jessica Hart was fired for dissing Taylor Swift, because you should never buy the hand that feeds. Or more accurately, the one that puts you in a lingerie dress made of tinker toys because that's apparently wearable. Or something. I don't know how lingerie works. Point is, the rumor has been called untrue by Victoria's Secret, so don't worry! Jessica has not lost her cushy job of MORE

Did VS model Jessica Hart diss Taylor Swift?

Jessica Hart and Taylor Swift

Last week was the Victoria's Secret fashion show, which Taylor Swift performed at because ... well, the year before her was Justin Bieber. They needed to redeem themselves for that somehow. Anyway, after the fact, VS model Jessica Hart sounded off on Taylor's inclusion in the show, saying that while she liked her, she wasn't sure if Taylor fit in. Fast forward to today, where VS is going into damage control by saying that the whole thing was a MORE

Justin Bieber was hitting on Victoria’s Secret models

Justin Bieber

UPDATE: It's official ... Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split up! You'd figure that a guy who's dating Selena Gomez would be pretty happy with his lot in life, and would try not to screw that up. But Justin Bieber has the emotional maturity of a fifteen-year-old, so of course after his performance at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, because if there's one thing that international fashion models love, it's a guy they can carry around MORE

Not everyone loves Kate Upton’s boobies!

Kate Upton - Sports Illustrated

So if you haven't been on the web for the past few days, you might not yet be familiar with Kate Upton or her boobies. Well, Kate is apparently some sort of model who tweeted her way into wearing a way too tiny bikini on the cover of Sports Illustrated's 2012 annual Swimsuit Issue, or as it's known to straight men, "The Issue I Can Jack It To". Anyway, despite having big awesome boobs and a loyal Twitter following, not everyone is sold on her. MORE