Justin Bieber’s team held an intervention for him in Panama?

Justin Bieber

All right, so let's just do some catching up: Apparently, Justin Bieber's off the hook for the whole drag racing thing last week, because Florida police really are just that bad. Despite their precious, precious cash cow being free to be milked, I guess his team decided to lay down the law with an intervention. But they didn't want it to be too harsh, so they held it in Panama. Sure, why not. TMZ reports ... Usher has high-tailed it down to MORE

Usher sings the ABCs on ‘Sesame Street’


Fun fact: As someone who was born in the 90's and regularly had to babysit kids for $5 an hour, I spent a lot of time being forced to watch crappy public access kids shows, an alarming number of which featured hip-hop dinosaurs rapping about their feelings. But God help me if I tried to get the kids to watch Sesame Street, because they were not having it. Which brings me to my point: Sesame Street, while wholly a kids show, is WAY more MORE

Usher is trying to find a new Justin Bieber … ugh!


As some of you might remember, Usher is one of the new judges of NBC's hit show The Voice because Christina Aguilera is Jenna Maroney now and Cee Lo Green can no longer fit in the spinning chair. Anyway, turns out he's using the show to find a new Justin Bieber, because the last one is malfunctioning and at this point it would be easier to get a new one than to send the old one for repairs. That's why you're supposed to get the warranty, Usher. MORE

Usher and Shakira will coach ‘The Voice’ (Spring edition)

Usher and Shakira

Last time we heard anything about Christina Aguilera on The Voice, she was driving everyone on the show bonkers, demanding reshoots because she looked "fat" and Adam Levine was going slowly insane. Well, now she and Cee Lo Green will take a break for the spring edition (2013) of The Voice, and will be replaced by Usher and Shakira. Entertainment Weekly reports ... The NBC reality hit has hired R&B singer Usher and Latin singer Shakira as MORE

Review: Usher’s ‘Climax’

Usher and Diplo

In December of 2010, singer Usher chatted with StyleList to promote his new fragrance. While doing so, he teased his upcoming seventh studio album. “I’m working on a new genre of music,” he said. “Revolutionary pop – which combines several music genres to create a new sound experience.” Hmmm. Over the past few years, songs like Yeah, OMG, DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love, and the recent David Guetta collaboration, Without You, have MORE

Usher shouldn’t park in a handicapped spots!


I think we can all agree that people who park in a handicapped spot, despite being completely abled, are total douchebags. I mean yes, super, we get it: you're important and you're running late and you're only stopping by for a quick little visit. Boo hoo, park in a regular spot and walk the extra few feet to the door. Anyway, Usher decided to try this in Atlanta and last night and was set upon by a middle-aged woman who did not take kindly to no MORE

Gaga and Usher keep it classy for Clinton!

Bill Clinton and Lady Gaga

So this A Decade of Difference concert was this weekend, honoring the William J. Clinton Foundation with performances by Usher and Lady Gaga (amongst others), both of whom took the opportunity to act kind of dumb in front of America's cigar-loving President. First up was Usher, who somehow managed to rip his pants in front of the President and nearly exposed his privacy. Somewhere out there, Monica Lewinsky just reflexively opened her mouth. MORE

Usher has a sex tape too. Go figure.

Usher and Tameka Foster

It's been a while since we've seen the last celebrity sex tape hit the market, which means the celebrity gods have decided to bless the world with a brand new copy of a famous porno, and this week's winner is... *Shakes the magic 8-ball* Usher? Really? Actually, you know what? He's hot, if not slightly douchey, so I approve of this. TMZ reports that the R&B star (and teen popstar's mentor) is the subject of a sex tape being offered for MORE

Donna Usher: DJ Got Us Falling In Hot Stuff

Donna Summer and Usher

† FROM DJ PAUL V. I swear, those crazy Italians in DJs From Mars can do no wrong! Whenever you need a new mashup that's guaranteed to start the party on a dancefloor, they end up dropping another new bootleg! Personally, I'm not a big fan of Usher (the dude just kind of bugs me, and we can blame him for 'Bieber Fever'), but there's no denying what a smash DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again was. But here's where it gets funked up: The Martians MORE

Usher is a Twitter zombie!

Yeah, remember that celebrity Twittercide thing that was supposed to raise a million bucks but ended up being a huge disappointment? About that ... it seems as though Usher decided that sticking to his promise to help needy kids affected by HIV/AIDS wasn't really worth him staying off of Twitter. Via Dlisted: Twit fam, I'm whack for being late, I need your help. Twit,Happy Birthday Rico Love!!! He is the man that wrote you "There goes my MORE