Rihanna will never star in a Tyler Perry movie


I have a weird appreciation for Tyler Perry. He's one of the few mainstream directors actually working to make films for African American audiences, but he also makes nothing but those horrible Madea movies. Or he makes a movie starring Kim Kardashian about how any woman who wants more than to be subservient to her man will get AIDS and it'll be her fault. It's one step forward, two steps back kinda thing, although The Boondocks episode they did MORE

… And here’s who won big at the Razzie Awards

Movie 43

While most of Hollywood gathered together last night to honor the best of the best, a select few gathered a day earlier to destroy the worst of the worst for the Razzie Awards. This year, the big winners were Will Smith and his faux-philosopher, nepotistic son Jaden Smith, as well as Movie 43. Yeah, remember Movie 43? No one else does either. The winners via Rotten Tomatoes ... Worst Picture Movie 43 Worst Actor Jaden Smith, After MORE

Surprise! Kim Kardashian sucks at acting!

Kim Kardashian

Remember how Kim Kardashian was hired as a supporting cast member in Tyler Perry's latest movie "Temptation," even though she can't act or sing or literally do anything that is required of someone in the entertainment industry? Well, it turns out that stunt-casting someone with no talent in an already terrible movie does not a masterpiece make. I know, I'm shocked too. Here are some of the most vicious review blurbs, via Entertainment Wise MORE

Kim Kardashian might be leaving reality TV!

Kim Kardashian

In today's "mixed blessing" news, good news! Famewhore Kim Kardashian might be leaving reality television forever, thus yanking the lynch-pin of the Kardashian reality TV empire! Which means no more shows with the [Insert Kardashian 1 here] and [Insert Kardashian 2 here] Take [Insert doomed city here] construct! Now the bad news: Turns out, Kim is leaving reality TV so that she can annoy you in various other media. Oh crap. Entertainmentwise MORE

Trailer: Kim Kardashian in Tyler Perry’s new movie

Kim Kardashian

Well... this is awkward? It's December 21st, 2012 and the world didn't end. It's almost as if conspiracy theories were actually fictitious narratives perpetuated by people living mediocre lives who project their own fears that this is all there lives are by searching for insane, nebulous undercurrents in daily minutia. Weird how that works, doesn't it? There's no Mayan apocalypse, there's no Illuminati, there's no conspiracy. Although here's Kim MORE

Tyler Perry lost weight! Would you hit it?

Tyler Perry - Men's Health

Shut up Tyler Perry is looking good okay. Those Medea movies are hilarious. They are!!! Maybe I'm not the best film critic, but I do know a slimmed down star when I see one. It also helps that he's on the cover of Men's Health, talkin' 'bout losing thirty pounds -- and he doesn't mean by taking off his giant fake boobs. How did he do it? With the help of a celebrity trainer -- but you can follow his routine below: His hour long morning MORE

Tyler Perry fans want him to ditch Kim Kardashian!

Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian

A few of you might remember that back before Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, Tyler Perry decided to stunt cast her in his upcoming film Marriage Counselor. Unfortunately, once you remember that Tyler's audience mainly consists of black christian people and that Kim Kardashian is famous for getting peed on for a sex tape and then taking a giant shit on marriage, you'd figure that it would only be a matter of time before his audience threatens to MORE

Tyler Perry presents Kim Kardashian’s acting failure!

Kim Kardashian

Despite the fact that her last attempt at screen acting was in Disaster Movie, a film so shitty everyone who watched it ended up getting hepatitis A, Kim Kardashian somehow managed to land a role in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie, probably because she's a Kardashian and Perry will try just about anything to get asses in seats to see Tyler Perry Presents Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry of Tyler Perry starring Tyler Perry. From the Huffington Post: The MORE