Frank Ocean won’t press charges against Chris Brown

Frank Ocean

Despite the fact that it would feel just SO good to see Chris Brown actually be held accountable for his actions for once, Frank Ocean posted on his Tumblr that he's decided to be a better person and show mercy by choosing not to press charges on Chris. While I can respect Frank for taking the high-road and showing compassion to a person for whom it's hard to feel to compassionate, come on ... we were *this* close to throwing his spoiled, violent MORE

Have you see Beyoncé’s Tumblr?


It has been a slow news week, I'm assuming because of the holiday weekend and celebrities seem to think that if they're good the Easter Bunny will bring them painted eggs and chocolate because Jesus died on the cross for our sins. No, I have no idea how those two things are even remotely related. Did they even have chocolate back then? Anyway, to welcome us to the long weekend (which includes Passover too), which will be spent partaking MORE