Links: Tori Spelling is aiming / crying for an Emmy

Tori Spelling

→Watch Tori Spelling's greatest performance since Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? Dlisted → Kim Kardashian's wedding news was literally overshadowed by sister Khloé's butt! Celebitchy → Charlize Theron went old school Hollywood glamour at the premiere of her new film Bohomoth → Dawn Wells posted this pic on Facebook—can you believe Mary Ann is 75-years-young? SOW → How would sum up actor Tom Cruise's long MORE

Why Is Tori Spelling fat?

Tori Spelling

It's 2013! That means people are making all kinds of resolutions to be better people for the first two weeks of the year. Tori Spelling thinks it's time to stop being such a fat ass, which in Hollywood is code for leftover baby weight (she gave birth to her fourth kid back in August last year). Tori resolves to "Get healthy and back into those skinny jeans (the ones that scream “We miss you T!” every time I walk past them stacked and dusty MORE

inside tori spelling’s loveless marriage!

good morning! now that one reality couple has split (jon and kate gosselin) this week's STAR magazine is moving onto tori spelling and her hunky hubby dean mcdermott - claiming one of his pals has spilled the beans about the supposed loveless marriage - with claims that he's only in it for the money and fame (i hope he realizes by now tori doesn't have all of her daddy's money just yet) plus he's rumored to have taunted tori about her (horsey) MORE

tori spelling: the incredible shrinking woman

good morning! finally we have someone else front & center on the cover of STAR magazine besides jennifer aniston (although her name is mentioned) this week tori spelling is being featured for her dramatic weight loss - supposedly weighing in at a mere 98lbs! (she's been looking thin for months now) apparently she's super stressed out about her mom candy spelling's new tell-all book stories from candyland (here's EW's take on it) now she's barely MORE