tori amos – precious things – live at montreux

hey hey! my darling musical goddess tori amos is releasing a brand new DVD (due out next week on september 23rd) featuring some of her very first live angst fueled performances from back in the early 90's (specifically at the montreux jazz festival in '91 & '92) the good folks over at spinner posted a clip of her performing one of her best tracks ever precious things (you can see more clips over here) i first fell in love with ms. amos back in MORE

tori amos is totally comic worthy!

good evening! i was chatting with my blog buddy nathaniel from the lovely film experience and he sent me this link about this oh so exciting project involving my dear tori amos! this summer there's a book coming out called comic book tattoo (hardcover, thick paper stock, 12"x12") a 500 page collaboration featuring a bunch of highly respected comic book artists - each working on an individual story inspired by the songs of ms. amos - what a MORE

i’m off to see tori amos!

UPDATE! hey y'all! tori amos was awesome tonight - she managed to do two dolls tonight - starting off with the always political isabel singing yo george and then came out as pip who got quite sassy! then of course tori came out as herself - and did the one song that i was praying for...cooling which was spectacular & emotional (at least for me...) the crowd was so well behaved - during silent all these years i swear you could hear a pin drop - MORE

tori amos – live on jay leno!

hey hey! i recently realized i haven't posted about tori amos lately - yet i'm still listening to her latest album american doll posse like a fiend - i'm having a small love affair with the track dark side of the sun at the moment! tori was on jay leno's 'tonight show' the other night where she performed bouncing off clouds - you must watch her flawless performance backed by her incredible band below - she gives me chills and i'm so stoked to see MORE

tori amos: no love for the G8 summit…

good evening! as expected a mighty heart was very intense and sad - i will say angelina jolie did an excellent job playing mariane pearl (widow of slain reporter daniel pearl) i'll be posting a more in-depth review soon once i gather my thoughts! anyways my dear tori amos had a message for the 33rd G8 summit that kicked off in germany wednesday amos was playing in dusseldorf and before she sang fat slut tori added a small 'sassy' MORE

tori amos’ AOL music session now live!

hey kids! of course when i heard my tori amos was going to be doing an AOL music session - i couldn't wait to see how it turned out - not only is it friday (woo hoo!) but ms. amos' sessions are now up - and she did an amazing job as per usual - the woman is always on! i'm still totally enjoying her latest album american doll posse so much (i listen to the whole thing 2-3x a day right now) it's an album that you need to spend a little time to MORE

tori amos – ‘father’s son’ in the studio

hey hey! i'm about to run off to take care of a few local errands but i just came across (thanks to undented) another brilliant tori amos performance in her studio - this time she tackles father's son and of course does an amazing job with it - one of the best tracks off her new album american doll posse (which is stuck on repeat in my cd player & ipod) also there's still a little time left to enter my tori contest - so make sure you do! popbytes MORE

PJ Harvey, Björk, & Tori Amos – all mashed up!

good morning! this week's mashup of the week is a special one - i asked my pal DJ paul v. if there happened to be any mashups involving tori amos since it is sorta her week with the new album out and all - not only did paul deliver ms. tori, but pj harvey, björk and massive attack as well! gosh i was beside myself when i listened to this - i simply loved it! many thanks to paul - he rocks as per usual! popbytes over & out for MORE

tori amos’ NYC album release party!

good evening! gosh it was such an amazing coincidence to be in NYC the very same day my dear tori amos held a record release party for her kick-ass new 9th studio album american doll posse which dropped this past tuesday (thanks to the good folks over at AOL music you can stream the entire album!) she played an incredible thirty minute set of new songs over at 'spotlight live' on broadway - i was a little bummed because i got there a drop late MORE

win signed tori amos & a 30gb ipod!

good morning! i'm super excited to kick-off this exciting tori amos contest here on popbytes! for the next month you can enter to win a signed copy of her upcoming album american doll posse plus a 30gb ipod! it's easy to enter just follow this link or click the banner below! one lucky popbytes reader will win the goods and i'll make sure to announce the winner when the contest is over - i'm going to leave it open for a whole month (until may MORE

tori amos – almost rosey – amazing live solo!

good evening! i just came across this amazing & brilliant live performance of my dear tori amos singing a gorgeous new track called almost rosey (i posted the lyrics below too!) which is off her upcoming album american doll posse (due out may 1st) i have no clue when this was taped but the quality is excellent plus it's one of the tracks i have pegged as a fave off the new album! (tori credits this track to isabel's persona) stay tuned here as of MORE

tori amos – big wheel – video!

good evening! i've been waiting all week for the premiere of the new tori amos video for the first single off her upcoming 9th studio album american doll posse releasing may 1st! this song is big wheel and of course i love my tori but this video is a slight disappointment (sad but true) i think the idea was to make it look like a fan tossed it together but i would have preferred seeing ms. amos in action on her trusty piano! for those of you who MORE

yo george & beauty of speed

hey everyone! the latest tori amos album american doll posse releases two weeks from tomorrow (i'll actually be in NYC that day (may 1st) i can't wait to head back east for a few days!) just this past friday ms. amos revealed more about isabel who is her most outwardly political character on the album (you can read her blog) ms. isabel is also the character in charge of the first song off the album entitled yo george and i'm sure you can all take MORE

bouncing off clouds

good morning! this past friday the always lovely tori amos gave us more insight to one of her invented characters named clyde who appears on her upcoming album american doll posse... clyde, who draws from persephone, wears her emotional wounds on her sleeve, but remains idealistic. she is looking at the effects of not being a whole person. she is trying to figure out what she believes in and she is dealing with having been disappointed in her MORE