FitnessBytes: Beyoncé, Biel’s booty, Tebow + Prancercise!


Stop the presses! BEYONCÉ IS STILL NOT PREGNANT. Gossips obsessed with another Jay-Z/Bey baby keep the rumors going, but Queen B's wardrobe says otherwise -- showing off a fit, trim figure for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Good news for Tim Tebow! People stopped talking about his virginity long enough to pay attention to his next career move, signing with the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Serena Williams won the French Open MORE

Crazy people are trying to bring down Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Fun fact: Every year, the Super Bowl comes on right before my birthday and my family almost always forgets that I turned a year older because FOOTBALL! YEAH! Seriously, one year they got me a cake that said "Happy Super Bowl, Tom Brady!" and that's why I am the way I am. Anyway, to promote this year's Bowl, CBS got Neil Patrick Harris to write the date of the game on his face, and someone somehow found a way to be angry about this. Never doubt MORE

Tim Tebow is smitten with Dianna Agron?

Tim Tebow

I don't follow football at all, so the only thing I know about Tim Tebow is that he really love Jesus ... like, more than a friend. Oh, and I guess he's hot too, but the crazy religious zeal kind of outweighs it. Anyway, there was something about being traded for Pokemon cards or something, but who cares? Apparently, he really wants to give his holy roller to Glee star Dianna Agron. Page Six reports: Glee star Dianna Agron is in the middle of MORE

Katy Perry wants to see Tim Tebow’s Peacock!

Katy Perry and Tim Tebow

Yeah, even the stories that don't have anything to do with the Super Bowl still have something to do with football. Or as I like to call it, Handegg. Because it's more accurate. Anyway, after deciding to divorce Russell Brand, Katy Perry has decided to get back on the horse. Or more specifically, under it, because she's now dedicating songs about penises to Tim Tebow which is about as transparent as an invitation for sex without sexting someone a MORE