First Look: ‘The X Factor’ returns!

The X Factor Season Three

Here's your first look at the upcoming third season of The X Factor (via a new promo that just aired this evening), kicking off with a two-night premiere starting on September 11. The first two seasons have been a bit rocky (last season was awful and that's putting it nicely) here in the states, hopefully they finally have it together. Of course Simon Cowell is back, along with the lovely Demi Lovato (the only good thing about last year), and MORE

Simon Cowell got egged on live TV!

Simon Cowell

I'm not sure how many talent competition Simon Cowell is currently judging, but I swear, the guy is pretty much running a cottage industry that does nothing but crush dreams. It pays better than it sounds. Anyway, I'm guessing all those crushed dreams must have caught up with him, because during a live taping of Britain's Got The X Factor or whatever it's called, a girl ran on stage during a performance and proceeded to gleefully egg him for a MORE

Kris Jenner wanted Mario Lopez fired from ‘The X Factor’

Kris Jenner and Mario Lopez

Yesterday, it was announced that Khloé Kardashian got dropped from her co-hosting gig The X Factor because dumb-dumb couldn't even read a teleprompter without her brain taking a dump in her mouth. But wait, it gets even better! Turns out, Pimp Mama Kris Jenner was pissed that Mario Lopez was showing up Khloé, so she tried to have him fired from the show by claiming that they had no chemistry. So they fired Khloé. HAHAHA! RadarOnline reports MORE

Khloe Kardashian won’t be back on ‘The X Factor’

Khloé Kardashian

Hey, remember how Khloé Kardashian was one of the hosts of The X Factor? No? Me neither. Well, you won't have to remember that useless factoid much longer, because she's getting the axe. Just to put this into perspective, Mario Lopez is good enough for this job, while Khloé can't even read a teleprompter without her trained dolphin brain trying to evacuate her skull. RadarOnline reports ... “Khloé Kardashian will not be returning to MORE

Khloe Kardashian got fired from ‘The X Factor’

Khloé Kardashian and Mario Lopez

As some of you might remember -- I don't because, honestly, I don't care. -- Khloé Kardashian was hired on as one of the hosts for the last season of The X Factor with Mario Lopez. Except it turns out, having zero hosting talent (or literally any other talent) isn't really conducive to being a good host, so now Khloe is getting the axe. One Kardashian down, five more to go guys. RadarOnline reports ... “They are asking Mario [Lopez] to come MORE

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick split up!

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

Well, this certainly comes as no surprise as rumors have been swirling for weeks and now it's official, Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have split up, ending their one-year engagement, but at least we'll always have Criminal! The news comes hot on the heels of Britney announcing she won't be returning as a judge on The X Factor (thank heavens, it wasn't working for her at all for except all that money) next season because she wants to focus on MORE

‘The X Factor’ can’t fire Britney Spears—she quit!

Britney Spears, LA Reid, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell

As some of you might remember, reports circulated last month that Britney Spears would be fired from The X Factor once the season ended, and then Jason Trawick would dump her because throwing massive life-changes at someone who doesn't have the psychological capacity to deal with it never ends horribly. Well, it turns out Britney's not getting fired after all, because TMZ is reporting that she just quit instead, presumably by spelling out "I MORE

Britney Spears is getting fired from ‘The X Factor’

Britney Spears

Some of you might remember this, but Britney Spears' boyfriend, Jason Trawick, decided that he would dump her as soon as The X Factor wrapped up, because I'm sure severing an unstable person from their base of support will end wonderfully. Except it turns out that now Britney is also reportedly getting the axe after this season ends, so get ready for another Brit meltdown. Via Us Weekly ... "Britney will get the boot," an insider tells Hot MORE

LeAnn Rimes: I’ve never been anything but professional onstage

LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose Sonenclar

Yesterday, video of LeAnn Rimes completely tanking thirteen-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar's performance of "How Do I Live" on The X Factor hit the web, and the blagonets descended upon her the way LeAnn descends upon a solitary Tic Tac. Well, after "someone" who is apparently not affiliated with LeAnn released a statement to TMZ, Leann took to Twitter (as usual) to add more crazy to this. "In my 18 years of performing, I have never been MORE

LeAnn Rimes sucked on ‘The X Factor,’ blames Carly Rose Sonenclar!

LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose Sonenclar on 'The X Factor'

Last night was apparently the part one of the season finale of American Voice Factor or whatever it's called, and someone won something because they could sing, or maybe not? I don't know. I've given up on these kinds of shows. Anyway, LeAnn Rimes made an appearance to help thirteen-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar perform her song, "How Do I Live," and LeAnn ate total ass. Take a look: You know things are bad when the 13-year-old girl is MORE

It’s On: The Voice vs The X Factor

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

While no one was looking, NBC apparently decided to start running an episode of The Voice on Wednesday, which totally doesn't have anything to do with the fact that The X Factor is premiering next week at the exact same time, which once again adds fuel to my theory that all the major networks are run by the popular bitchy girls you knew in high school. Anyway, Simon Cowell has thrown his man tits into the fray, claiming that The Voice is afraid MORE

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato hate thunder!

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato

Going by how TMZ is spinning this, apparently God isn't a fan of The X Factor (I'm guessing he's more into The Voice), and decided to take time out of helping Africa and Darfur to throw lightning at the show's equipment in order to shut them down (while shaking some sense into judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato with thunderclaps). Although to be fair, if I was an omnipotent being capable of throwing electricity at things I hated, I'd totally MORE

Britney Spears walked off ‘X Factor’?

Britney Spears

Just yesterday, the world learned that Britney Spears was more or less being paid for her The X Factor gig with delicious fried chicken, Doritos, Diet Coke, along with the $15 Million dollar paycheck. Clearly, she's taking her commitments seriously and upholding her end of the bargain and- oh, wait, scratch that, she walked off the set and didn't return after someone made the mistake of performing one of her songs and sucking at it. TMZ MORE

Leaked: Britney Spears’ ‘X Factor’ rider

Britney Spears

With Britney Spears finally bringing something watchable to The X Factor, it only makes sense that everyone on the show would go out of their way to give her whatever she wants, or else be forced to rely on the star power of (*snickers*) Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato. As you would expect, Britney's rider is basically a white trash buffet from heaven, because you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you should probably do it soon before MORE