Camerons swept The Razzies this year!

Saving Christmas

It wouldn't be Oscar season without a brief flirtation with The Razzies, a 'celebration' of Hollywood's worst offerings. For once, Adam Sandler didn't sweep the entire thing with another one of his lame and lazy vacation movies! No, this year the honors were split between holy roller Kirk Cameron and his weirdly cynical embrace of Xmas materialism and Michael Bay's embrace of everyday materialism. Worst Picture Saving Christmas Worst MORE

… And here’s who won big at the Razzie Awards

Movie 43

While most of Hollywood gathered together last night to honor the best of the best, a select few gathered a day earlier to destroy the worst of the worst for the Razzie Awards. This year, the big winners were Will Smith and his faux-philosopher, nepotistic son Jaden Smith, as well as Movie 43. Yeah, remember Movie 43? No one else does either. The winners via Rotten Tomatoes ... Worst Picture Movie 43 Worst Actor Jaden Smith, After MORE

Nominations: The 34th Annual Razzies!

Grown Ups 2

After the big congratulatory orgy that was The Golden Globe Awards, we need a reminder that sometimes Hollywood kind of sucks. So naturally, here come the Razzie nominees for the year's worst films, and naturally an Adam Sandler film got the most (8) nods. Via Coming Soon ... WORST PICTURE After Earth Grown Ups 2 The Lone Ranger A Madea Christmas Movie 43 WORST ACTOR Johnny Depp: The Lone Ranger Ashton Kutcher: Jobs Adam Sandler: MORE

Oh yeah, The Razzies were last night too …

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Every year, The Razzies take place right before the Oscars, as a means of pointing out the absolute worst crap that Hollywood decided to foist upon us. To the surprise of no one, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 managed to sweep up, winning seven out of ten awards. Via VeryAware ... Worst Picture: BREAKING DAWN PT.2 Worst Actress: Kristen Stewart for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNSTMAN & BREAKING DAWN PT.2 Worst Actor: Adam Sandler MORE

‘Twilight’ garnered the most Razzie nominations!

he Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Tomorrow, the nominees for the Oscars will be released, and we'll all have to pretend like anyone other than Daniel Day-Lewis has a shot at the Best Actor trophy for Lincoln. But until then, the nominees for The Razzies, celebrating the worst movies of the year, have been released, and surprise! The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and Adam Sandler have the most nominations because they're both just absolutely terrible. The full nominations MORE

Adam Sandler sets Razzie record for awfulness

Adam Sandler

Imagine an awards show that made fun of shitty movies for being shitty, and they gave out awards to the worst actors, screenplays, and movies released that year. Now, imagine a movie so awful in every way, that it actually won every award at the ceremony. Well, it's real now, because Adam Sandler's film Jack and Jill managed to win every category at the Razzie Awards this past weekend, proving what I've known for years: that Adam doesn't care MORE

Adam Sandler sets the record for sucking!

Adam Sandler

Did you see Jack and Jill? Trick question! Because if you actually did see that gigantic pile of crap, you probably committed suicide. But worry not! Those who have seen the steaming pile that Adam Sandler shat into the theaters did not die in vain, because Sandler and his suck ass movies set the record for most Razzie nominations for just how awful him and his "movies" are. Via Access Hollywood: Sandler received a record 11 nominations MORE

The Razzie winners have been announced!

Sex and the City 2

All right, so in case you missed it, all of us at Team PopBytes spent the entire night working our carpal tunneled hands to the bone for you people to cover the Oscars, which means most of what I have to write about today has already been covered, except for one crucial awards show: The Razzies! Yes, the only awards show celebrating Hollywood's worst that isn't the People's Choice Awards were last night, and to no one's surprise, M. Night MORE