Tegan and Sara & The Lonely Island’s “Everything Is Awesome”

The LEGO Movie

Quick story: On Monday, the boyfriend and I went to see The LEGO Movie (which was AMAZING, by the way) and stayed for the closing credits. There is no post-credits bonus scene, but still, it's respectful. Anyway, the song "Everything Is AWESOME!!!" was firmly stuck in both of our heads when we had this conversation ... Paul: "Huh, did you know Tegan and Sara did this song?" Me: "Shut up, really?" Paul: "Yeah, see? Right there. Tegan and MORE

The Lonely Island + Robyn = “Go Kindergarten”

The Lonely Island featuring Robyn"Go Kindergarten"

You know what's weird? It's been almost three years since we've heard from Robyn. Seriously, I remember she released Body Talk literally right as I moved to Toronto, and now I think I might be going into withdrawal. Well, to help placate us until she releases new stuff, here's a brand new collaboration between Robyn and The Lonely Island called "Go Kindergarten," (iTunes) which pokes fun at rap music's weird need to bark orders at the listener MORE

Video: SNL’s Digital Short YOLO

The Lonely Island "YOLO"

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from last night's episode of Saturday Night Live with host (hottie) Adam Levine. But I was actually pleasantly surprised, there were some hilarious moments and I thought Adam did quite a nice job, especially when he took his shirt off during the opening monologue. One of the best parts was the Digital Short featuring Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island (along with Adam and Kendrick Lamar) for a track called MORE