John Oliver talks taking over ‘The Daily Show’

John Oliver

If you haven't heard by now, Jon Stewart is taking a small leave of absence from The Daily Show to direct a movie based on a piece he did on the show a couple years back. While he's gone, John Oliver is going to be taking over hosting duties, which is freaking people's sh!t out because (A) THINGS ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT! AIIIIEEEEE! and (B) Apparently, Oliver hasn't done any dry-runs at the desk, which people are assuming means he's going to blow MORE

Hugh Grant is banned from ‘The Daily Show’

Hugh Grant

When you think of Hugh Grant, what do you think of? Other than that one time he was caught with a prostitute named Divine Brown back in 1995. Yes, you think of him as the affably befuddled Brit from every romantic comedy ever. Except you'd be wrong, because according to Jon Stewart, he was an absolute nightmare backstage when he appeared on The Daily Show, to the point where they actually had to ban him for life. Via NY Daily News ... "He's MORE

Robert Pattinson was on ‘The Daily Show’

Robert Pattinson

Last night, The Daily Show did a great segment on how the media was more focused how Paul Ryan was a superhunky slab of man than actually talking about his stances on integral issues and- HAHAHAHA! Just kidding! No one paid any attention to those parts because Jon Stewart had Robert Pattinson on the show, talking for the first time since Kristen Stewart cheated on him with a married dad. Everyone focus on that! Entertainment Weekly reports MORE

Robert Pattinson to break his silence on ‘The Daily Show’

Robert Pattinson

You know how you'll watch The Daily Show because it's almost like real news, but with less screaming angry people and more funny people being funny, but then you'll sort of just tune out on the act three interview because I mean, you're cultured but you're not that cultured, am I right? Well, uncultured slobs, get ready to actually pay attention during the interview portion for once, because Jon Stewart will be interviewing Robert Pattinson this MORE

No More Streaming: Daily Show / Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

Yesterday, we saw some of the aftermath from the clusterfuck that was DirecTV dropping all of Viacom's channels, thus incurring the wrath of RuPaul. What you probably didn't know is that not only does this mean you won't be seeing any more of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, but that you won't be able to stream the shows for a while as an added "F U" to DirecTV. Sorry, socially conscious twenty-somethings: looks like you're MORE

The Beelzebieber took over ‘The Daily Show’


In a desperate attempt to appeal to the only demographic he just can't seem to grasp (People with brains), Justin Bieber appeared on The Daily Show last night, taking over the reigns for the first few minutes of the show. Aw hell naw, if I wanted to see a douche with bad hair spout the news, I'd watch O'Reilly. Bieber introduced the show and the guest for the evening, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, before Jon Stewart MORE