Fall TV: Who’s safe? Who’s on the chopping block?

Bad Judge

We're about two months into the new fall TV season, which means we now have a representative enough sample to start calling who will be seeing a second season and who will be getting the boot. So far, the consensus is that America loves shows about superheroes and take-no-sh!t Viola Davis, and really couldn't care less about zeitgeisty shows about #trending or remakes that never needed to be remade. MSN reports ... Television analyst Marc MORE

Are TV recaps the new TV?

TV Recaps

Rich Juzwiak at Gawker mentioned TV recaps as entertainment themselves when he announced he was done (“Recapping television…amounts to writing sandcastles”). It’s a classic set-up, really: as more people read them, and as more people comment on them, the blog gets increased traffic and links from bigger websites, and the blog itself becomes a little cottage industry of insight, or snark, or charm. All of which is to say: the more popular MORE

Fall television’s best & worst new comedies

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So we are roughly a month into the new TV calendar year and here's a run down of what I’m thinking so far. In general, there has been more shows with promise than in past years, but on the flipside some of the beloved returning shows are starting to show their cracks. On the new comedy show category, here is my breakdown of the good, bad and ugly, and remember, I can watch some really bad TV. BEST NEW COMEDIES Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, MORE

Top Ten Returning TV Shows!

Sons of Anarchy

With all of the hoopla that the brand-new Fall TV shows get before the new season starts sometimes the returning shows get forgotten in the shuffle. Well, I’m here to help remedy that. Here are the ten shows that I am most looking forward to coming back on the small screen. Glee (FOX / Premiere: September 26th) This show wouldn’t normally be on my radar and in fact I’m not sure that it’s really in my top ten, because all I MORE

A Sampling of New TV Shows Coming this Fall!


As a TV fan, every year come September it’s like Christmas. All the new shows start and returning shows come by to grace the small screen. Oh, it’s so exciting, the countdown is officially on. Here is a list of ten new shows that have some promise, and others that seem like revamps of shows that already exist. Almost Human (FOX / Premiere: November 4th) Shot in the future, it’s the same old cop show. A cop that lost his leg returns to MORE

TV Cancellations: ‘Happy Endings,’ ‘Go On’ and more!

Happy Endings

Most of the big shows are ending their seasons right about now, in order to make way for the summer line up and give their fall debuts enough time to film for the upcoming season. This means that many networks are now taking the time to announce which shows have been cancelled, and thus far, there haven't been many big surprises: According to US Weekly, ABC has cancelled long-running shows like Happy Endings and Private Practice, as well as MORE

Best of the Best: The TV Class of 2012


We here at PopBytes have never been a huge fan of ‘best of’ lists. They always seem to miss our favorites. So when it comes to looking back at the best television of 2012, we like to hand out some TV superlatives here and there. Class clown? Most likely to succeed? They’re all here. Enjoy! Best in Show: Girls Of all the shows that hit the air in 2012, no show had such a uniquely original voice as HBO’s Girls. Lena Dunham’s MORE

TV: The 70th Golden Globe Awards nominations!


We already covered The 70th Golden Globe Awards film nominations, so now let's look at the television nominees, with Showtimes's smash hit Homeland scoring the most with seven nominations! Yes, we split the nominations into two different posts. What can we say? Double the page views. Sorry 'bout it. From LA Times ... DRAMA SERIES "Breaking Bad" "Boardwalk Empire" "Downton Abbey" "Homeland" "The Newsroom" DRAMA-ACTOR Steve Buscemi, MORE

The 2012 Emmy winners are …

Modern Family and Homeland

Do I even need to tell you how it went? Modern Family won everything. Actually, I think it snuck away with a couple awards from the drama categories too, at least the ones Homeland didn't win. Here's the full list of 2012 Emmy winners from The Gazette ... — Drama Series: "Homeland," Showtime. — Actress, Drama Series: Claire Danes, "Homeland," Showtime. — Actor, Drama Series: Damian Lewis, "Homeland," Showtime. — Supporting MORE

Fall TV 2012: Your Thursday Night Survival Guide

Fall TV 2012: Your Thursday Night Survival Guide

Happy Thursday, kids! It's day four of our TV Survival Guides, and boy am I exhausted. Keeping up with all this TV is practically a full-time job! Luckily, I've bit the bullet and gone through all the bullshit, throwing back to you the best of what to watch live, what to DVR, what to stream online, and what to catch up on a long TV marathon. (ICYMI, Monday's, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's Guides are all up). Let's see what Thursday night has in MORE

Fall TV 2012: Your Wednesday Night Survival Guide

Fall TV 2012: Your Wednesday Night Survival Guide

It’s day three of our TV Survival Guides, which means by now, you’ve figured out how this shit works. I break down what to watch live, what to DVR, what to stream online, and what to catch up on a long TV marathon, and you get the scoop on all the Fall 2012 TV season. Monday and Tuesday are already covered here. Let’s tackle hump day! WHAT TO WATCH LIVE: Survivor It’s Survivor’s 24th season and after all this time, you’d MORE

Fall TV 2012: Your Tuesday Night Survival Guide

Fall TV 2012: Your Tuesday Night Survival Guide

The Fall TV season stresses me out like you wouldn’t even believe. With all these new shows, I need a pretty solid roadmap to make it through. Which is why I created these killer TV Survival Guides, out to show you what to watch live, what to DVR, what to stream online, and what to catch up on a long TV marathon. I’ve already tackled Monday. Here’s Tuesday’s guide. WHAT TO WATCH LIVE: Happy Endings TV’s goofiest ensemble MORE

Fall TV 2012: Your Monday Night Survival Guide

Fall TV 2012: Your Monday Night Survival Guide

It’s the beginning of the Fall 2012 TV season, which means PopBytes is celebrating with your annual TV survival guide! As usually, in this weekly series, we’ll break down watch live, what to DVR, and what to stream online. Oh, and this year, we’ve also given you what to marathon this season (either on DVD or during some day-long marathon viewing). Let’s start with Monday! WHAT TO WATCH LIVE: The Voice Queen XTina and her trio MORE

25 Facts You May Not Know About the 2012 Emmy Nominations

2012 Emmy Nominations

Nominations for the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards came out this morning. On first glance, there’s lots of snubs (Huge Laurie Mandy Patinkin), surprises (yay Schmidt from New Girl and Sarah Paulson from Game Change), and same ole shit as usual (another nomination for Larry David, Jim Parsons, Jon Cryer, and Alec Baldwin. Yay?). But I looked a little closer for you. Here’s 25 facts about the 2012 Emmy Nominations you may not know. (You can check MORE