Robert Pattinson on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Back when those damnable Twilight movies first came out, every impressionable girl out there had either a Team Edward or Team Jacob shirt, because nothing says "I'm going to grow up to have mature, fulfilling relationships!" like forcing a completely personality-devoid female character to choose between two emotionally manipulative monsters. Anyway, in an interview with Yahoo! Movies, actor Robert Pattinson went on the record to tell everyone MORE

Taylor Lautner on ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ imprinting

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

If you haven't read Twilight: Breaking Dawn yet, then slight spoiler alert ahead: at one point in the story, Taylor Lautner's werewolf character Jacob Black "imprints" on Bella Swan's baby girl Renesmee Cullen, which means he would basically act as a father figure for her until she's old enough for him to bang. Totally not weird and creepy at all! Anyway, in an interview with Hit Fix, Taylor talked about the scene, saying that it was a "touchy MORE

Taylor Lautner is not coming out of the closet

Taylor Lautner

... well, not yet anyway. Let's not shut out any possibilities here. Anyway, a People magazine cover is floating around the web, featuring a fake cover story about Taylor Lautner coming out of the closet. But despite the fact that People is the magazine of choice for celebrities looking to come out of the closet, it looks like the whole thing is a hoax and Taylor and his delicious abs are not coming out of the closet. Yet! Once again, we don't MORE

FitnessBytes: You can’t fight genetics!

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner has shrunk back down to boy size. Sad face! Here's the lesson: You can fucking kill yourself to get the physical results you want (like a small frame transformed into a larger one), but you'll always be fighting it. You're not a movie star like Taylor and you don't need to bulk up (or slim down) to make money. Be yourself. Accept your body type for what it is and get over it already! That's NOT to say we can't make MORE

FitnessBytes: There’s an app for that!

Taylor Lautner

Remember when Taylor Lautner went from skinny twink to muscle twink, you guys? Before and after pictures are the most dramatic way to illustrate a body makeover, but there are other ways that can really help along the way. One of the most common things people have told me about their gym routine is that they just sort of wing it like each new day is starting with a blank slate. Track each exercise by weight, repetitions, minutes and MORE

Taylor Lautner wants to be Tom Cruise!

Taylor Lautner, who most of you might remember as that wolf guy with the freakishly perfect abs from those sparkly vampire movies, says he wants the same career path as Tom Cruise. Ummm, yeah. This is a good idea. In addition to The Twilight Saga, Taylor Lautner has a slew of high profile projects in the works - Stretch Armstrong and Abduction - and the actor says he's hoping to develop a lasting career on the big screen like another one of MORE

cutie taylor lautner’s wet photo shoot!

good morning y'all! oh i'm totally drained from going out two nights in a row however both shows (fever ray and blake lewis) were definitely worth both being tired over - plus it's friday - i can sleep in tomorrow! anyways we're only a little over a month away from the release of new moon (november 20th) the 2nd movie in the whole twilight series - and just yesterday super cutie taylor lautner was spotted up in malibu getting all wet on the beach MORE

just because he’s cute: taylor lautner

good evening! i'm beyond thrilled to be staying in tonight ... this week totally drained me (but it was so worth it - each night was amazing) and i seriously need to rest up for sunday - i'll be covering the red carpet arrivals at comedy central's roast of funny lady joan rivers (hosted by kathy griffin) and then i need to run back to hollywood to catch the legendary grace jones in her very first concert at the hollywood bowl ... squeal! so about MORE