Justin Bieber gets a tattoo on a plane, thinks he’s James Dean

Justin Bieber

If you've never gotten a tattoo, allow me to explain what it's like: Generally unpleasant, especially if it's on a boney area, but you'll live. It also requires that the artist has an extremely steady hand and that everyone is on a stable surface since we're talking about a sharp needle and permanent marking. Or if you're Justin Bieber, you get a tattoo on a plane. Because that's smart. TMZ reports ... It's true ... TMZ has learned Bieber got MORE

Justin Bieber got a Banksy tattoo

Justin Bieber

If you didn't already know, Banksy is a renowned street artist whose anti-capitalism artwork has made famous the world over. Justin Bieber is a pop star whose capitalism-fueled music has made him infamous the world over. So of course, Justin got a tattoo of Banksy's balloon girl, and I'm sure the irony was lost on him. Seriously, do you think Justin actually gives two sh!ts about the message behind Banksy's work, or did he see this and go, "Yo, MORE

Justin Bieber wants to open a tattoo parlor with his dad

Justin Bieber

Another day, another stellar example of Justin Bieber's terrible decision making. Go figure. In the midst of Justin's Panama-based intervention (side-note: Why are his interventions nicer than most people's vacations?) comes news that Justin wants to take a break from music so that he and his hanger-on dad Jeremy Bieber can open a tattoo parlor. So good news! Soon you too can look like 12-year-old Vanilla Ice! Via RadarOnline ... “Justin MORE

Links: Bieber got a tattoo of his mom’s eye!

Justin Bieber

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Links: Lindsay Lohan got another crappy tattoo

Lindsay Lohan

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A guide to Justin Bieber’s many tattoos!

Justin Bieber's Tattoos

Who can really keep track of all eleven of Justin Bieber's tattoos? Nobody has time for that, but thankfully the folks over at Celebuzz pieced together this handy infographic to help us navigate all of Justin's ink. I don't mind the small ones, but I think number three (just plain creepy looking) and four (again, creepy) need to go. However, let's all keep in mind this infographic will need some updating eventually, I doubt we've seen the last of MORE

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Scarlett Johansson

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Chris Brown’s neck tattoo is not Rihanna

Chris Brown

The other day, the web caught wind of Chris Brown's new neck tattoo, which featured a woman's face which appeared to be heavily battered and bruised. Considering Chris's history of domestic abuse, this probably wasn't the best idea in the world. Anyway, today he's trying to clear the rumours by saying that it was actually a face from a MAC Cosmetic Ad. ABC News reports ... “His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration MORE

Cutie David Arquette has a new tattoo!

David Arquette and Bethenny Frankel

OMG! Is it wrong to think David Arquette (40) is cute? There's something about him that's so incredibly adorable with his whole 'I just woke up' look. He stopped by Bethenny Frankel's daytime talk show (air date July 5th) and showed off his large new tattoo, too bad he didn't take his shirt off all the way! Talk show host Bethenny Frankel chats with actor David Arquette on Thursday, July 5th. Bethenny: You have a new tattoo? David: I MORE

Justin Bieber’s new Believe tattoo

Justin Bieber and David Letterman

Justin Bieber was on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote his new album, Believe, which if you have a teenage daughter, you will be forced to listen on repeat for the entire summer. Stuff like that is why Vicodin and the pool boy's penis became a thing. Anyway, Justin revealed his new tattoo which he got for the album's release, Letterman's first instinct was to pounce on it like a spider monkey before telling Justin not to get too many MORE

Links: Dolly Parton – The girl w/ the cleavage tattoo!

Dolly Parton

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Zombie Boy’s tattoo reversal!

Rico Genest / Zombie Boy

The following video includes rather major levels of amazingness; you will literally be glued to your screen. Y'all should definitely be familiar with who Gaga / Mugler collaborator Rico Genest aka Zombie Boy is ... if you aren't click here. So, last month in Schön magazine, we got to see a glimpse of Rico with his tattoos partially covered, now you can see the transformation in full force thanks to Dermablend. Enjoy the irony on the Born MORE

Ke$ha gave Andrew W.K. an infection!

Ke$ha and Andrew W.K.

In the absolute least surprising news ever, Andrew W.K. (remember him? He was that PARTY HARD PARTY HARD PARTY HARD guy. Aaaaaaand now you have that song stuck in your head. You're welcome!) was hanging out with Ke$ha recently, and he ended up walking away with an infection that required a trip to the hospital. But here's the shocking twist: It wasn't an STI. Turns out, Ke$ha decided to tattoo him and the dumb bitch didn't use a clean needle. MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s new tattoo is so ironic!

Lindsay Lohan

Being totally delusional must run pretty deep in the Lohan family, because Lindsay Lohan got herself a brand new tattoo yesterday, and while normally I love tattoos, Lindsay decided to get lyrics from a Billy Joel song tattooed on her. Yeah, I know. Billy Joel? Gack. Not only that, but she also went ahead and picked out the most ironic lyrics she could find in order to demonstrate just how far removed from reality she is at this point. According MORE