Links: Suri Cruise is a fashionista!

Suri Cruise

→ If only little Suri Cruise was really launching her very own fashion line for kids! Dlisted → Rob Pattinson gets drunk to 'numb the heartbreak' of being with Kristen Stewart? Celebitchy → Congrats to Courtney Stodden on not getting divorced from Doug Hutchison yet! BuzzFeed → Trouble: Both Lindsay Lohan and Brooke Mueller are checked into Betty Ford! The Blemish → See Kirsten Dunst on her movie making comeback tour MORE

Revealed: Katie Holmes’ mystery man!

Katie Holmes and Jonathan Wolfe

Usually when you break up with someone, the general rule is that you can be sad one week for each year the two of you were together. Unless of course you voluntarily ended it, grabbed your daughter, and flew across the country just so that you could get away with him. Then I guess you're allowed, like, three days of Ben & Jerry's binging, tops. Which is probably why when Katie Holmes was seen out to dinner with a man, everyone assumed she MORE

Katie Holmes’ interview a day before filing for divorce

Katie Holmes

Every once in a while, the stars line up in such a way that a reporter will get a pretty major scoop and not even know it. Sorta like what happened to a reporter from C Magazine who just so happened to interview Katie Holmes, one day before she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise! That is some super sweet timing no matter how you play it. From WWD: Elle isn’t the only magazine with good timing on its side. C Magazine shot Holmes for its MORE

Tom Cruise is suing Life & Style

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

As a result of Katie Holmes having an iron-clad divorce case and also Tom Cruise believing he's Professor Charles Xavier, Katie has full-custody of Suri, while Tom gets weekend visits. Most people would just take this as it is -- regular divorce stuff -- but not Life & Style magazine! Nope, they full on wrote that he abandoned Suri, which ... I don't care how crazy your religion is, that's sort of off-limits. TMZ reports: Attorney Bert MORE

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reached an agreement!

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise

Barely a week after Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise in order to keep her daughter Suri Cruise off of Scientology's magical brain-washing/slavery cruise ship bonanza (no homos allowed) it looks like the two have finally reached an agreement. Namely: Katie is taking the kid and running and Tom will continue being delusional. People magazine reports: "The case has been settled and the agreement has been signed. We are thrilled for MORE

Katie Holmes doesn’t care about Tom Cruise’s money

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

By now you probably no most of the story, so for the sake of glossing over it as quickly as possible: Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise because no self-respecting mother would ever let her infant go away on a magical, unsupervised cult cruise. Caught up? Good. Anyway, that old Hollywood divorce chestnut, the prenup, is coming into play, and wouldn't you know it, the damn thing is airtight and Katie won't be seeing a dime out of Tom. But you MORE

Scientology has Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes divided!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

When Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise and immediately went for the legal jugular that is "sole custody", everyone immediately assumed that it was because Katie didn't want Tom putting Suri through Scientology's Super Special Fun Time In No Way Brainwashing Cruise where Suri would be taught about the religion. Well, ding ding ding! Congrats on winning gold in the D'uhlympics! Via TMZ: Sea Org, as it is known, is where the highest MORE

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

I momentarily considered titling this post "Tom Cruise got rid of his beard," but then I realized it was too on the nose I don't like getting sued HAHA! What a hilarious joke that is completely untrue! (But seriously, first amendment! Parody! Please don't sue us!) Anyway, after five years of marriage, it looks like the couple is filing divorce (on a Friday, before an upcoming national holiday distraction). Or more accurately, Katie Holmes filed MORE

Katie Holmes talks penis gummies with Ellen!

Katie Holmes and Ellen DeGeneres

Katie Holmes is now addressing the 'controversial' photo that surfaced last week of Suri Cruise holding a box of penis-shaped gummies ... it's GummyGate! She sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and explained exactly what happened, except she left the part out about how she quietly picked up a couple of boxes for Tom Cruise, since she knows how much he loves peen! I kid, but not really. Actress Katie Holmes makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres MORE

The birds and the bees … gummy style!

Suri Cruise

• Is Kim Kardashian ready to tie the knot with Kris Humphries?! Socialite Life • This is totally Justin Timberlake's "I can't stand this ho" face ... Dlisted • Chris Brown is talking about that naked picture of himself! Yeeeah! • Pavarotti! Klaine! Kathy Griffin! Glee tackles original songs! Rickey • Courtney Love may or may not have snorted Kurt Cobain’s ashes! Evil Beet • Xtina laughs like a witch who gave the MORE

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing too?!

UPDATE: It's true, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing! OMG, Hollywood couples are dropping like flies as of late ... Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter ... Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar ... Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson ... Dylan Walsh and Joanna Going ... and this is just within like the past two days, literally. (Plus Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up after dating for over four years!) Now Star magazine is claiming MORE

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ broken home?

If there's one Hollywood couple I'd love to see split up - hands down it would be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also known as TomKat! I've always been suspicious of their (contractual) relationship and this week's Star magazine is claiming their rumored 'marriage deal' is finally falling apart! With all the recent splits, why not add this one to the mix? The only thing good to come out of Tom and Katie's marriage is their four-year-old daughter MORE

Katie Holmes’ tortured life …

hey hey! this week's STAR magazine cover is featuring katie holmes once again as the 'tortured' stepford wife of tom cruise - there have been lots of rumors of trouble in xenu-dise over the past few years but they still remain hitched (the couple wed back in november of 2006) maybe there really is a reason why she can't leave him - supposedly tom's ex-assistant is spilling the beans about what's really going on with their (contracted) marriage! MORE

Baby #2 … against Katie’s will?!

hey y'all! this week's STAR magazine is featuring stepford wife katie holmes who they claim is working on baby #2 with her creepy scientology-loving hubby tom cruise but apparently she's not so keen on the idea - especially if she has to endure prenatal sessions with xenu and agonizing detox rituals - all while on tom's tight lease - not good times for ms. holmes! (run girl, run!) if she's actually pregnant - only time will tell! (i say she's MORE