Reasons Why Katy Perry slayed the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Katy Perry

Unlike the lame halftime show from last year featuring Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers ... Katy Perry rocked the hell out of yesterday afternoon's Super Bowl XLIX's, halftime show–dazzling the crowd with impeccable production and a bubblegum pop, tongue-in-cheek performance–there was truly something for everyone. Here are seven reasons why our favorite "California Gurl" deserves all the credit due ... EXCUSE ME BUT WAS THAT A TIGER? MORE

Super Bowl Trailer: ‘Jurassic World’

Jurassic World

True story time! A friend of mine and I had a little discussion about the latest trailer for Jurassic World. His hopes aren't particularly high, while I can see the problems here but still understand the logic behind them. Basically, it came down to one major difference: He thinks the movie is pure wish-fulfillment, what with hunky Chris Pratt and his herd of velociraptors hunting a mutant dinosaur. Now, here's what I think: Yes, it's a bit MORE

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea talks faking it at the Super Bowl

Red Hot Chili Peppers

So if you haven't heard by now, the big new thing people are getting unjustly outraged over is the Red Hot Chili Peppers mime-playing their instruments during the Super Bowl halftime show. Although considering how much of the post-game outrage was directed at Coca-Cola airing a commercial that acknowledged different cultures living in the U.S., you can probably take it all with a grain of salt. Anyway, Flea decided to take to the band's site to MORE

Mario Lopez went streaking!

Mario Lopez

Because we will post anything if it involves hottie Mario Lopez taking his clothes off, here's Mario going streaking through Los Angeles' Grove after losing a Super Bowl bet. Maybe that'll teach him not to bet on professional sports! Or not. We're totally cool with him doing this more often. MORE

Beyoncé wants BuzzFeed to remove unflattering pics


If you guys have never heard of The Streisand Effect, allow me to bring you up to speed: Back in 2003, Barbara Streisand's home was photographed and published on the web. Streisand tried to have the photos taken down, which only lead to everyone checking out the pictures, which they wouldn't have in the first place if it weren't for the fact that someone drew attention to them. Ten years later, Beyoncé is trying to get BuzzFeed to remove some MORE

Links: Beyoncé doesn’t like unflattering photos!


→ See all of the 'unflattering' photos Beyoncé's publicist doesn't want anyone to see! BuzzFeed → Miley Cyrus has fans push her issue of Cosmo magazine to the front of newsstands! PopCrush → Gisele Bündchen has been named as the new face of Chanel Beauty's summer campaign Yeeeah → Quote: Brandi Glanville on how she found out about her husband cheating! I'm Not Obsessed → Singer Demi Lovato is quite open and honest MORE

Shaquille O’Neal singing Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’ is the new best thing ever!


What, you thought I was just joking when I said that Shaquille O'Neal singing along to Beyoncé during the Super Bowl was just a joke? I NEVER JOKE WHEN IT COMES TO LIPSYNCS AND SING-ALONGS. Anyway, Shaq recorded himself singing along with Beyoncé last night, and if this doesn't make you feel everything, you're emotionally dead inside. MORE

So the Super Bowl was last night …


Men threw an egg-shaped ball up and down a field a bunch of times until time was up and then someone got shiny metal. AMERICA! Here are all the the little parts that mattered, because like hell am I going to spend energy on this above the bare minimum required: The Baltimore Ravens won 34-31 over the San Francisco 49ers. If that means anything to you, it's probably because you either won or lost a lot of money on it. Although I do have a MORE

Beyoncé: The hottest woman of the 21st century!


With less than a month until her Super Bowl halftime performance, we’ve been patiently waiting for the Beyoncé promotional storm to hit. Well, praise the heavens because she is finally back in our lives in the form of a jaw-dropping GQ cover. Shot by the ever popular and ever creepy Terry Richardson, Beyoncé just looks stunning. In fact, there aren’t even enough adjectives for gorgeous to describe how we feel about this cover. The MORE

Crazy people are trying to bring down Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Fun fact: Every year, the Super Bowl comes on right before my birthday and my family almost always forgets that I turned a year older because FOOTBALL! YEAH! Seriously, one year they got me a cake that said "Happy Super Bowl, Tom Brady!" and that's why I am the way I am. Anyway, to promote this year's Bowl, CBS got Neil Patrick Harris to write the date of the game on his face, and someone somehow found a way to be angry about this. Never doubt MORE

Crash the Super Bowl with Doritos!

Crash the Super Bowl

The commercials are usually the best part of the Super Bowl (except for the half-time show perhaps, Madonna was amazing last year and I can't wait to see what Beyoncé has in store for us in February), and this year Doritos is offering everyone a chance to Crash the Super Bowl! If you head over to, you can upload your very own thirty-second commercial (featuring eevryone's favorite chips, Doritos, of course) for a chance MORE

Links: Beyoncé is ready for the Super Bowl


→ Beyoncé confirmed her Super Bowl XLVII half-time performance ... via Tumblr! Rickey → Wait. Wait. Does Lindsay Lohan actually look good in these new pictures? Evil Beet → Lady Gaga purchased singer Edith Piaf's songs, clothes and toenail clippings? PopCrush → This is exactly what it would look like if Bigfoot had an emo cross-dressing son Yeeeah → Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were snapped together for first MORE

EVERYBODY PANIC: It’s M.I.A.’s middle finger!


And now for this year's contrived faux controversy from the half-time show, brought to you in part by easily offended old people who don't actually know how real people interact with each other. During the half-time show, M.I.A. -- who performed with Madonna along with LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and Cee Lo Green -- flipped the bird to the cameras for all of, like, a fraction of a second. Of course, this millisecond of slight offense was enough to enrage MORE

Gisele Bündchen slammed the Patriots!

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

The Super Bowl was last night in case the deafening media coverage didn't completely tip you off, and before we delve into this year's fake half-time show controversy, we have to talk about supermodel Gisele Bündchen. By now you probably know that Gisele is married to Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots, and after the New York Giants beat them to win the Super Bowl (sorry, Pats fans) Gisele apparently threw a big ol' bucket of MORE