Taylor Lautner on ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ imprinting

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

If you haven't read Twilight: Breaking Dawn yet, then slight spoiler alert ahead: at one point in the story, Taylor Lautner's werewolf character Jacob Black "imprints" on Bella Swan's baby girl Renesmee Cullen, which means he would basically act as a father figure for her until she's old enough for him to bang. Totally not weird and creepy at all! Anyway, in an interview with Hit Fix, Taylor talked about the scene, saying that it was a "touchy MORE

‘The Host’ to star Saoirse Ronan!

The Host

Author Stephanie Meyer’s project outside of the Twilight Saga, The Host, a sci-fi/thriller/romance, came out back in 2008 amongst a great deal of hype and of course, it is now slated to become a film as well. Originally Andrew Niccol, the Academy Award nominated and BAFTA Award winning writer/director (notable works include Gattaca and Lord of War, as well as writing The Truman Show) was slated to both write and direct as Meyer was a huge fan MORE