The best and worst winter celeb beach bodies!

To find out which celebs have the best (Kendra Wilkinson) and worst (Julia Roberts) winter beach bodies, pick up the latest issue of Star! They're taking a break from gossip this week, except for claiming that Sandra Bullock has been secretly dating Ryan Reynolds for months now, which I don't believe yet they'd actually make a cute real-life couple! Ryan needs a little love & affection, especially if his soon to be ex-wife Scarlett Johansson MORE

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing too?!

UPDATE: It's true, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing! OMG, Hollywood couples are dropping like flies as of late ... Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter ... Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar ... Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson ... Dylan Walsh and Joanna Going ... and this is just within like the past two days, literally. (Plus Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up after dating for over four years!) Now Star magazine is claiming MORE

Stop it, enough with this, it’s over, let’s move on!

Surprise, surprise! Yup, it's yet another Star magazine cover featuring Jennifer Aniston still pining away for her ex-husband Brad Pitt even though their marriage ended FIVE YEARS AGO! Unfortunately we are going to be subjected to cover stories like this until Ms. Aniston finally lands herself in a stable and happy relationship, but with her love track record, girlfriend isn't going to be escaping from these type of rumors anytime soon - it's MORE

Britney Spears’ romance explodes in violence?!

Reports are beginning to surface that Britney Spears was beaten by her former manager and current boyfriend, Jason Trawick. Now, domestic abuse is never something to joke about, and I promise I won't, but it should probably be stated that the 'sources' for this story are Star magazine and one of Britney's ex-boyfriends, Jason Alexander, whom she was married to for fifty-five hours back in 2004! Britney Spears made the shocking admission about MORE

I say leave these two alone!

A few weeks ago Star magazine had Michael Douglas saying his final goodbyes to wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and now they're claiming he's prepared to give her one final gift ... a new baby (along with a new $5.25 million house in Bedford, NY - that's true) When someone is trying to recover from cancer (his treatments are over for the time being) I think some of these rags need to step off and just let people have some privacy and time to heal! I MORE

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ broken home?

If there's one Hollywood couple I'd love to see split up - hands down it would be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also known as TomKat! I've always been suspicious of their (contractual) relationship and this week's Star magazine is claiming their rumored 'marriage deal' is finally falling apart! With all the recent splits, why not add this one to the mix? The only thing good to come out of Tom and Katie's marriage is their four-year-old daughter MORE

I hope the situation isn’t as dire as they claim!

The latest cover of Star magazine is painting a dire situation for Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones - claiming his stage IV throat cancer has taken a turn for the worse and they're preparing to say goodbye to each other - how sad! People magazine reported earlier today that Michael has one more chemo/radiation treatment left, his friend and publicist Allen Burry seemed to put a positive spin on things by saying 'He's really happy MORE

50 Best & Worst Beach Bodies!

Almost naked celebs is the only reason to pick up STAR magazine this week - the whole Ashton Kutcher caught cheating on Demi Moore has already been shot down - but I know everyone usually enjoys the latest annual celebrity beach body report! As for Jesse James dating Kat Von D - all I can say is GROSS - hello nasty - yet they might actually deserve each other in the end - I'm so Team Sandra all the way! Popbytes over and out ... xoxo! MORE

Angelina Jolie is bored with Brad Pitt? Oh, come on!

Oh my word ... this is the silliest and most outlandish headline that STAR magazine has ran on its cover in a long time Bored With Brad ... I definitely don't believe that Angelina Jolie is bored with her life partner Brad Pitt - He's not fun in bed anymore?! Oh please, I don't think any of us would be bored with Mr. Pitt - he's super sexy and talented - and although I don't know him personally he seems to be a cool guy - plus he likes to smoke MORE

tear brangelina apart? HA! never!

oh lordy - here we go again ... STAR magazine is featuring yet another break up story about angelina jolie and brad pitt - apparently there are eight racy and 'shocking' photos of angelina floating around (they appear in the upcoming andrew morton penned book angelina: an unauthorized biography) taken during her younger and more wild days (her escapades aren't really a secret - or shocking) i seriously doubt these pictures are news to brad (they MORE

Stars without makeup: 32 celebs unmasked!

this week's Star magazine is taking a break from gossip (except for the bit about jennifer aniston at the top) and featuring stars without makeup (they unmask 32 celebrities inside) the scariest picture on the cover belongs to katie couric who looks awful - i've said this many times before - everyone looks better with a bit of makeup - the key though is to not overdo it like some people (skank aubrey o'day immediately comes to mind, as well as MORE

stop your crying, and suck it up!

that's exactly what i'd tell lindsay lohan - who is just days away from starting her ninety-day jail sentence (scheduled to kick-off on july 20th at 8:30am) obviously she's not thrilled over the idea of spending time in prison, who would be? but at this point i think the best thing she can do is just accept her fate and deal with it - all this kicking and screaming isn't going to help the situation at all (nor will an appeal, which is bound to be MORE

Three years and two kids later … Nicole betrayed?!

here's someone who we haven't seen featured on the cover of STAR magazine for quite some time ... it's nicole richie - the magazine is claiming there's relationship drama with her baby daddy joel madden (he has supposedly been running around on her - and they've been separated for a month now) i thought they would have gotten married by now - maybe there really is trouble in paradise? at least ms. richie seems to finally be stable (unlike another MORE

jake’s a liar and vienna’s getting naked …

i thought by now jake pavelka and vienna girardi's faux 'bachelor' relationship drama would have blown over but this week's STAR magazine is featuring the story again on the cover - this time it's all about jake's 'web of lies' (last week he was labeled a monster) including the rumors that mr. pavelka might actually play on my team (we don't really want him though, he's such a dork!) meanwhile, vienna has been trying to figure out how she can MORE