One thing on this Star cover is for certain …

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Marriage Trouble

... LeAnn Rimes is a TOTAL PSYCHO! Whether or not the latest cover of Star magazine has any truth to it, where there's smoke, there's bound to be a fire. Apparently Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn (who still has me blocked on Twitter) are denying reports there's any trouble in their marriage, I won't be surprised at all when they do actually split (and they will, mark my words). Plus even though I don't have access to their bank account, where the hell MORE

Kris’ Bombshell: Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman?!

Bruce Jenner Wants To Be A Woman

This has to be one of the craziest magazine covers ever ... the latest issue of Star is featuring Kris Jenner's supposed bombshell ... Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman! Although Bruce does look like an older lesbian sometimes (no insults intended at all), I think this is ridiculous attempt to sell magazines at the check out stand. The most hilarious part of this whole thing is the bit underneath the headline ... 'He has more dresses than Kim MORE

Megan Fox is pregnant … maybe!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Half of Star magazine's revenue comes from randomly pointing at a celebrity and screaming PREGNANT! A practice which gets inherently awkward when it turns out the celebrity doesn't have fertilized eggs but does have a lawyer, but things like "logic" and "facts" have never gotten in their way before, so why start now? Anyway, the latest celebrity who is "pregnant" (tentatively speaking) is Megan Fox, who got knocked up by Brian Austin Green. Via MORE

Demi and Ashton’s $290 Million divorce?!

Demi and Ashton's $290 Million divorce?!

That's what Star magazine wants you to believe (buy) this week (next week it's right back to Brad, Angie and Jen), now I wouldn't be shocked at all if Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher ending up splitting up (the odds are seriously stacked against them by Hollywood's relationship standards) but I think this cover is way more rumor than truth. The timing of the story is also quite convenient, coming right on the heels of those mega ratings for his MORE

Newlywed Kim Kardashian: Miserable already?!

Newlywed Kim Kardashian: Miserable Already?!

The best part about the latest cover of Star which claims Kim Kardashian is already miserable in her new marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries is that her E! two-hour reality special (Kim's Fairytale Wedding) on her big ass (literally) lavish black & white themed ceremony (which just took place on August 20th, she's only known Kris less than a year) hasn't even aired yet! The magazine is probably spinning the rumor wheel to drum up sales (as per MORE

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds: Getting married?

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

This week's issue of Star magazine is claiming that Sandra Bullock and her long-time buddy Ryan Reynolds (aka the sexiest man alive) have a hush-hush romance, and are planning to get married! I do think they'd make a great couple but I am way more inclined to believe the two are actually just really good friends and have been supporting each other through both of their recent divorces, with Sandra's being the messier of the two. Yet on the other MORE

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Ready for a baby?

Star Magazine - Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

This week Jennifer Aniston is featured not only one but two magazines this week, both Star and Us Weekly are claiming she's ready to have a baby with her new boyfriend (of only five months) fellow actor (and hottie) Justin Theroux, talk about putting the pressure on them both! The couple has been hanging down on the garden island of Kauai (Hawaii) where I happen to be right now (it's truly paradise), I've kept my eyes peeled for them but haven't MORE

Get your celeb plastic surgery confessions on!

Star Magazine - Celebrity Plastic Surgery Confessions

If reading about stars being nipped, tucked and lifted, then this week's issue of Star magazine is right up your alley! Of course, the usual suspects are present like Botox queen Nicole Kidman, singer Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive) who's a bit more Petra these days, and fish lipped Lisa Rinna - thankfully she had that puff effect reduced! However I would really love to know what Jennifer Aniston had done, I need to know which doctor worked on her MORE

The Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors are back!

Star Magazine

Courtesy of the latest issue of Star magazine, almost the same exact story they ran back in April (before she got married to Prince William) but this time they're tossing in Anorexia to the rumor. Shame on them, I simply adore Kate, she's gorgeous, classy and a perfect match for the Prince. I'm sure it won't be long before she's got a royal baby bump but I know the magazine is jumping the gun on this one. I think it's fine to run with pregnancy MORE

Hollywood marriages are exploding?

Hollywood Marriages Explode - Star Magazine

Which couple will get divorced first?QuestionsView ResultsOh Star magazine, please tell us something we don't already know! Of course 99% of all Hollywood marriages end up in divorce! The latest cover from this week is featuring three couples supposedly on the brink of heading to Splitsville ... • Katy Perry & Russell Brand (LONELY!) • Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher (CHEATER!) • Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner (DRUNK MORE

Best and worst summer celeb beach bodies!

Star Magazine - Best & Worst Beach Bodies

With the fourth of July weekend right around the corner, Star magazine is taking a small gossip break and featuring seventy photos of the best and worst celebrity summer beach bodies for this week's main cover story. But of course they managed to sneak in a small mention of Jennifer Aniston, her new hunky boyfriend actor Justin Theroux's ex-girlfriend is speaking out, apparently the two had been living together for quite some time but that all MORE

Recycled Rumors: Angelina Jolie’s secrets and lies!

Angelina Jolie - Star Magazine

Oh here we go again ... the latest cover of Star magazine is back on the Angelina Jolie train once again. They just can't leave Angelina and her supposed secrets and lies alone, it's such a tired story! The only reason I'd actually like to pick up this issue is to see the eleven never-before-seen family photos, but other than that, I seriously can't deal with the same recycled rumors that the magazine can't seem to let go of. Since Angelina MORE

Get your fill of scary skinny celebs!

Star Magazine - Eating Disorder Confessions

The latest cover of Star magazine is all about the skinny epidemic in Hollywood, with supposed confessions from celebs opening up about their eating disorders: anorexia, bulemia and starvation diets (I bet the only one that actually talked to the magazine is Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County). I'm pretty darn skinny myself, but I am certainly nowhere near the likes of Ashlee Simpson or Keira Knightley, those two seriously MORE

Angelina Jolie: Too skinny and on heroin? Oh, please!

Angelina Jolie - Star Magazine

Remember when Star magazine was sued by Katie Holmes because they claimed she was on drugs? Well, the magazine better be prepped for another lawsuit ... check out the latest cover which claims that Angelina Jolie weighs a mere 99 pounds, and that she back to dabbling in heroin! Yes, she might be on the skinny side (like me, weighing in at 135) but I seriously doubt that the mother of six children is back on drugs! This is such a slanderous cover MORE