Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello might be doing it now

Joe Manganiello

It's been a while since Sofia Vergara broke up with her creepy-ass ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb, so now's the point where she's free to rebound and start playing the field. Except when most people rebound, it's with a random we met on Tinder / Grindr / whatever. But when you're famous and hot, you rebound with True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello. Via Page Six ... One source told us that Vergara and Manganiello met at the White House Correspondents’ MORE

Giveaway: ‘Machete Kills’ poster pack!

Machete Kills

WINNERS: @zflategraff @myworldpablo @jkershen @eboscio @me1grehg Who else is pumped up for Machete Kills?! I absolutely loved the first film, and I definitely need to see the second one sometime this weekend. The film opens everywhere tomorrow (I need to see Lady Gaga make her movie debut as La Camaleón) and to celebrate the release, I have five poster packs to toss out. It's easy to enter, just follow the simple instructions below, good MORE

Links: Sofia Vergara had a wild Emmys night!

Sofia Vergara

→ Sofia Vergara was all curves and no cares at the Emmys — see her wild night! PopSugar → Miley Cyrus' super skimpy outfits at the iHeartRadio festival: fun or trashy? Celebitchy → Here are the nineteen best seen and unseen moments from last night's Emmy Awards! BuzzFeed → Why did James Spader decide to shave his head for his new NBC show The Blacklist? SOW → Selena Gomez was planning to perform in Russia but that's MORE

Trailer: Machete Kills

Machete Kills

Director Robert Rodriguez is back with Machete Kills starring Danny Trejo, the follow-up to 2010's totally bloody and violent Machete, which I absolutely loved. That movie actually had Lindsay Lohan's best role in years even though she had a minor part, too bad she didn't score a part this time around! Both Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez are back for seconds, and they're joined by Amber Heard, Mel Gibson, Carlos Estevez (aka Charlie Sheen), MORE

Sofia Vergara’s boob fell out during that bar fight

Sofia Vergara

Because apparently, women are completely okay with dating violent men (*cough* Chris Brown *cough*), Modern Family star Sofia Vergara allegedly called up the paparazzi immediately following her fiancé Nick Loeb's bar fight on New Year's Eve in Miami so that they could come take pictures of them being totally sane and in love. But we aren't going to talk about that, because Sofia's big boob popped out right out of her dress during the fight and MORE

Sofia Vergara’s fiancé sounds like a lovely chap!

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara is one of the most beautiful and in-demand actresses in Hollywood right now, yet for some reason she's currently engaged to some guy named Nick Loeb, who basically looks like what would happen if David Schwimmer went on a diet of oxygen and nothing. Sure, that sounds mean, except it turns out the guy's allegedly an abusive asshole, who got into a physical fight with Vergara that got him kicked out of a Miami club. Page Six reports MORE

Sofia Vergara’s dress split down the back!

Sofia Vergara

Let it never be said that last night's Emmys weren't good for something. I mean, they had Julia Louis-Dreyfus's awesome acceptance speech (with an assist from Amy Poehler), Jon Stewart's aisle throw down with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, but most importantly -- at least, where page views are concerned. -- they had Sofia Vergara's dress splitting down the back, exposing her ass, which she posted to Twitter. This almost makes up for the fact MORE

Sofia Vergara: I look like a transvestite and I love it!

Sofia Vergara

If you're not already in love with Modern Family star Sofia Vergara (at this point why wouldn't you be? She has huge boobs, an awesome accent plus she's hilarious), then get with the program! Before hitting it big in primetime, she starred in a 2006 movie called Grilled where she played a post-op transsexual. Anyway, in a new interview with The Advocate, she said that the role was totally fitting for her because she already looks like a MORE

Sofia Vergara & David Beckham’s Diet Pepsi ad!

David Beckham and Sofia Vergara

Do you love sexy curvaceous latinas, British soccer hotties with washboard abs and diet sodas with delicious brain-rotting aspartame? Well then you're going to love this new Diet Pepsi ad featuring Modern Family star Sofia Vergara in a sexy bathing suit on the beach ... what? Are you still reading this? My God, Sofia Vergara is in a goddamn swimsuit in the video just below! And there's even a cameo by David Beckham and his glorious (soccer) MORE