Justin Bieber: Snapped smoking weed again!

Justin Bieber

Show of hands: Does anyone think that Justin Bieber doesn't smoke weed? ... Uh-huh. Interesting. Well, according to TMZ, they just got their hands on a photo (from Instagram) of Justin holding what appears to be a blunt (while possibly standing next to Ariana Grande) because kids are adorable like that. They really are. And of course, Justin's people are claiming the image was photoshopped instead of simply shrugging their shoulders and going MORE

Lindsay Lohan insists on smoking in rehab!

Lindsay Lohan

So for those of you who didn't know, Lindsay Lohan is supposed to check into rehab by tomorrow, which ... yeah, good luck with that. Gawd knows her previous rehab trips went so well. Anyway, in true Lindsay fashion the poor dumb nutsack is trying to weasel out of her commitment at the last second because she's worried they won't let her smoke. Yeah, I know. Can you imagine a rehab that makes you give up your vices? What's that about? TMZ reports MORE

Rihanna lit up a fattie!


Rihanna simply has no shame when it comes to smoking big ass blunts out in public! TMZ got a hold of this picture of Rihanna toking on a fattie while partying in a West Hollywood club (Greystone Manor) the other night! Thankfully Chris Brown is nowhere to be found, apparently the two are off once again, but unfortunately I'm sure those two will be back together in no time. Major ugh! PHOTO | COURTESY OF TMZ MORE

Links: Hey Miley Cyrus … puff puff pass!

Miley Cyrus

→ Miley Cyrus smokes pot on a Miami balcony: no big deal or begging for attention? Celebitchy → Thirty-one reasons Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the greatest celebrity couple of all-time! BuzzFeed → A hashtag meant to reference Margaret Thatcher's death has Cher fans in a tizzy! PopCrush → Amanday Seyfried plays fashion model thing for some magazine (site NSFW) Drunken Stepfather → Blind Item: Which actress was surprised she MORE

Don’t smoke around Madonna or else!


So apparently, Madonna was doing a sound check before a show in Santiago, in the middle of a rainstorm no less, when someone in the audience decided to light up a smoke. The nicotine from the tiny puff of smoke was just enough to irritate her, and she unloaded a steaming hot plate of "BITCH NO YOU DON'T" on him. To be honest, I'm not sure what Madonna's complaining about, since her last album is a thinly-veiled reference to ecstasy and she's been MORE

Celeb Health Trend: Do e-cigarettes work?

Veppo E-Cigarettes

Even though many a snarky blogger has commented that Johnny Depp looks like he reeks of cigarette smoke: 1) I think he looks like he reeks of sexiness 2) He doesn't smoke cigarettes. Johnny says he gave up smoking for his kids and has been seen using an electronic version, even on the big screen during a scene in The Tourist (although you probably wouldn't know that since not many people saw that movie). Thanks to the good folks over at MORE

Adele needs to stop #%$!&* smoking!


I'm not breaking news here by telling you Adele had to cancel her tour and appearances for the year due to a throat issue. She's been having trubs with her vocal chords for awhile. This is more like a personal plea. Bitch, stop smoking! Honestly, it can't be helping. Singers can lose clarity in their upper range too, which she has to know? I'm guessing? What really sucks is that I totally understand because I've had trouble quitting smoking. MORE

Vanessa Hudgens will cut a bitch!

Vanessa Hudgens

When we last saw Vanessa Hudgens, she was swearing up and down that the white stuff in the dimebag she brought to Coachella was "white chocolate", which I'm assuming his rich-person-pretending-to-be-a-hippie talk for "cocaine, lots and lots of cocaine". Anyway, cut to a couple days ago when a photographer caught her sneaking a cigarette, which caused her to go absolutely apeshit. While cruising through Hollywood with friends, High School MORE

Lindsay Lohan is quitting smoking!

Lindsay Lohan

Good news, everyone! Lindsay Lohan is finally giving up that one major vice that's been holding her back for all these years: smoking! Meh, to be honest with you, after all those years living off of nothing but cocaine, gin and Carvel ice cream (and the occasional gin milkshake topped with whipped cream and coke ... girl needs to indulge once in a while), smoking was probably the healthiest thing she's ever done for her body. Lindsay Lohan has MORE