Meet Simon Cowell’s baby boy Eric!

Eric Cowell

A big congratulations is going out to Simon Cowell, who at age 54 just became a first-time father. His girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth this past Friday (Valentine's Day) in New York City to a healthy baby boy (who weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz.), which the couple named Eric Cowell after Simon's grandfather. I know Simon is going to make a great dad, but I do wonder if he'll end up marrying Lauren? In other Simon-related news, FOX recently MORE

Simon Cowell is hating all the bad publicity!

Simon Cowell

Last week, the world found out that Simon Cowell impregnated his friend and real estate mogul Andrew Silverman's wife because, well, when the cause of your divorce is celebrity sperm fertilizing your ova, people invariably hear about it. Anyway, Simon is pretty pissed about it and is demanding his baby mama, New York socialite Lauren Silverman, quickly and quietly finalize the divorce so everyone just forgets about the whole "knocking up a MORE

Did Simon Cowell knock up his friend’s wife BEFORE they split?

Simon Cowell

Since the buzz around The Royal Baby and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's fame spawn has died down, the big story this week is that Simon Cowell knocked up his best friend's wife. Seriously, the guy was on American Idol for almost a decade, are you telling me he couldn't afford to pick up some condoms? Maybe get a vasectomy? Either way, despite the fact that Simon's baby mama Lauren Silverman and her hubby Andrew Silverman are separated right now, MORE

Links: Simon Cowell knocked up his friend’s wife?!

Simon Cowell

→ Drama: Simon Cowell is expecting a baby with his 'friend's wife' Lauren Silverman! Celebitchy → The sixteen worst things Walter White (Bryan Cranston) has done on Breaking Bad BuzzFeed → Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto have decided to end their marriage after two years! SOW → Reviews for Lindsay Lohan & James Deen's The Canyons are in—they're not good! The Blemish → Irina Shayk inspires people to get their MORE

First Look: ‘The X Factor’ returns!

The X Factor Season Three

Here's your first look at the upcoming third season of The X Factor (via a new promo that just aired this evening), kicking off with a two-night premiere starting on September 11. The first two seasons have been a bit rocky (last season was awful and that's putting it nicely) here in the states, hopefully they finally have it together. Of course Simon Cowell is back, along with the lovely Demi Lovato (the only good thing about last year), and MORE

Simon Cowell got egged on live TV!

Simon Cowell

I'm not sure how many talent competition Simon Cowell is currently judging, but I swear, the guy is pretty much running a cottage industry that does nothing but crush dreams. It pays better than it sounds. Anyway, I'm guessing all those crushed dreams must have caught up with him, because during a live taping of Britain's Got The X Factor or whatever it's called, a girl ran on stage during a performance and proceeded to gleefully egg him for a MORE

Khloe Kardashian got fired from ‘The X Factor’

Khloé Kardashian and Mario Lopez

As some of you might remember -- I don't because, honestly, I don't care. -- Khloé Kardashian was hired on as one of the hosts for the last season of The X Factor with Mario Lopez. Except it turns out, having zero hosting talent (or literally any other talent) isn't really conducive to being a good host, so now Khloe is getting the axe. One Kardashian down, five more to go guys. RadarOnline reports ... “They are asking Mario [Lopez] to come MORE

Must Have: Sony’s MDR-X10 headphones!

Sony MDR-X10 Headphones

These are for the listeners. The fanatics. Put them on and rediscover your music. Don't just love your playlist, live it. Let the world know how much your music matters with unique and powerful headphones designed by Sony and Simon Cowell. When I used to live in New York City, I was always wearing my headphones (especially while riding the subway) but since moving to Los Angeles (like twelve years ago!), I rarely use them. But lately that's MORE

It’s On: The Voice vs The X Factor

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

While no one was looking, NBC apparently decided to start running an episode of The Voice on Wednesday, which totally doesn't have anything to do with the fact that The X Factor is premiering next week at the exact same time, which once again adds fuel to my theory that all the major networks are run by the popular bitchy girls you knew in high school. Anyway, Simon Cowell has thrown his man tits into the fray, claiming that The Voice is afraid MORE

Breaking: Mariah Carey is joining ‘American Idol’

Mariah Carey - American Idol

UPDATE: Mariah is reportedly being paid $17 Million, which is two million more than Britney Spears snagged for The X Factor! OMG! Best news ever! This just in ... Mariah Carey will be a judge on the upcoming 12th season of American Idol. This comes hot on the heels of both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler's departure from the show after just two seasons. I don't know how much FOX is paying Mariah to get on board but it seriously must be a lot, MORE

First Look: The X Factor!

The X Factor - L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell

OMG! I'm seriously looking forward to The X Factor making its way to the states this coming September, especially after the beyond lackluster tenth season of American Idol. The very thought of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul sitting together making TV magic once again behind the judges' table makes me completely giddy. They'll be joined by fellow judges Nicole Scherzinger (it should have been Cheryl Cole, but I'm letting it go at this point) and MORE

Paula Abdul reunites with Simon Cowell for ‘The X Factor’

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

This is seriously the best news ever ... Paula Abdul (forever my girl) signed on late yesterday to be a part of the judges panel on Simon Cowell's talent search import The X Factor! The show has had a quite a successful run over in the UK and now Simon is finally bringing his hit show to the states (it's set to premiere on FOX in September). His timing couldn't be better, as American Idol has been seriously sucking this season without him, I MORE