Farrah Abraham is ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’

Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom

UPDATE: Here are photos from Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom UPDATE: Here's a very NSFW preview of Farrah Abraham's sex tape / porno! It's been fun watching the details of Farrah Abraham's sex tape slowly trickle out while she tried (and failed miserably) to play innocent. The weird way she tried to throw shade at James Deen even when he was nothing but nice to her, her attempt to try and bilk Vivid Video for $2 million when we all MORE

Farrah Abraham: James Deen is threatening me!

Farrah Abraham

Since Farrah Abraham filmed her sex tape, she's lied about the fact that it was actually a porno, she's lied about the fact that she's trying to option it off even though legally she would have had to sign all the paperwork already, and ... well, she was on Teen Mom. It's not like she's the most honest person in the world. Now, Farrah is trying to accuse James Deen of threatening her with Child Protective Services, which wouldn't be the worst MORE

Farrah Abraham brought her family to her sex tape negotiations!

Farrah Abraham

Because of course she did, Farrah Abraham decided that a sex tape negotiation meeting would be the perfect place to bring her hyper-religious father and her three-year-old daughter along with her. Mind you, there was nothing to actually negotiate because she allegedly already got paid and signed the legal documentation, so all she did was bring a toddler to a porn studio. Nicely done. TMZ reports ... Farrah told our photog she is negotiating MORE

Farrah Abraham is the absolute worst!

Farrah Abraham

So yeah, something something something Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham yadda yadda fake sex tape blah blah blah she said something stupid and petulant and she made herself look like a spoiled little asshole who ruined her own life and is now set on ruining the life of her baby because she's just the worst person ever. Us Weekly reports ... "I don't need to talk negatively about someone because I have nothing good to say," she told a TMZ MORE

Farrah Abraham wants $2 Million for her porno

IMAGE REMOVED BY REQUEST So remember how Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made a sex tape, except it was actually a porno because this is probably the most mature and responsible things she's done in her entire life? Well, she wants $2 Million to actually release it because of course she does. TMZ reports ... Farrah Abraham is finally copping to shooting a full-on porn -- with A-list porn star James Deen -- but says even though it was intended MORE

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s sex tape / porno publicity ploy is unraveling!

Farrah Abraham

Yesterday, we saw rumors of a sex tape made by Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham circulate the web, followed by Farrah trying to deny it by tripping over the English language. Then everyone found out that the 'sex tape' was actually a full-fledged porno starring Farrah and James Deen (who is way too good for this crap). Turns out, Farrah getting down on film was her plot all along ... who the hell does she think she is? Kim Kardashian? Read more on MORE

Ray J to Kanye West: I hit it first!

Ray J and Kim Kardashian

Ray J just released a new diss track called "I Hit It First," in which he brags about how he had sex with famewhore Kim Kardashian before Kanye West did, because hey, remember how Kim is only famous because she made a sex tape where Ray J peed on her? And that Kanye West used to watch that sex tape when nailing other women? Good times, goooooooood times ... MORE

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape is actually a porno with James Deen

Earlier today, we posted about how Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may or may not have had a sex tape floating around because really, when the only thing you've done with your life is get knocked up as a teenager then allow MTV to film you as you fail at motherhood, porn is a step in the right direction. Except it turns out it wasn't just a sex tape, but a full-blown porno starring James Deen (aka Lindsay Lohan's The Canyons co-star) and will most MORE

‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham has a sex tape

UPDATE: It turns out Farrah Abraham’s sex tape is actually a porno with James Deen! You know what's weird? Almost everyone who's appeared on an MTV reality show has eventually seen their lives fall apart. Think about it: The Situation went broke, almost every Teen Mom has ended up either arrested or in rehab, and Jesse Camp is now best known for trying to score an eight-ball while TMZ taped the entire thing. At this point, if all that MORE

So is there a Joe Jonas sex tape or not?

Joe Jonas

So yesterday, a rumor went around claiming that a cutie Joe Jonas sex tape was making the rounds out there, and that it would soon find its way online. Even weirder: It features Joe having sex with a woman (Whaaaaaa?) before licking, erm, certain bodily secretions of a sex toy she used. (Well, that's more believable.) except now Joe is claiming that the sex tape doesn't exist, so if you ever wanted to see Joe lick a dildo, look elsewhere. TMZ MORE

Oh No: Kris Jenner has a sex tape?!

Kris Jenner Sex Tape Rumors

Hey, remember how Kim Kardashian only became famous after her sex tape 'mysteriously' leaked? (By which I mean she purposely signed a stack of release forms before handing over two valid forms of government I.D.) And remember how Kim said she wanted to leave reality television forever, thus removing the only reason her mother Kris Jenner is famous? Well, according to the National Enquirer, momager Kris may possibly have a sex tape of her own, MORE

Yes, Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King did porn!

Melissa King Porno

Normally, we don't write about random people, but for some reason the web is collectively freaking out over Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King being dethroned for doing porn, so we might as well talk about it. Anyway, after being dethroned this morning, she's already being offered a cushy gig and plenty of money over the sex tape scandal. Via TMZ ... As we reported, 18-year-old Melissa King resigned yesterday after a porno surfaced that MORE

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape is fireproof!

Kim Kardashian and Ray J's Sex Tape

In case you needed further proof that Kim Kardashian's infamous sex tape with Ray J is secretly one of Voldemort's horcruxes, over the weekend there was a fire at Vivid Video, and somehow, Kim's tape went unscathed. Apparently, if you watch the original tape, you have to make someone else watch it or you'll die in seven days. Kim's sex tape was the inspiration for the horror anthology, V/H/S. I could literally do this all day, I really could. TMZ MORE

Rob Kardashian used sister Kim’s sex tape as ammo!


The other day, I was watching Fashion Police because I love Joan Rivers and desperately want to spite Lady Gaga, when an ad came on for an episode of one of those Kardashian shows. I can't remember which one ... I think something like Kim and K. Rool Take Ketamine, or Khloe Takes Kourtanee Behind a K-Mart or some sh!t like that. Anyway, I know it was only a thirty second clip, but it really does look like just the very worst of what America has MORE