Links: One Direction hangs with Big Bird!

One Direction and Big Bird

→ All of the One Direction cuties were hanging with Big Bird over on Sesame Street Bohomoth → LeAnn Rimes 'pushes back' against the rumors that she's paying Eddie Cibrian for sex Celebitchy → What do you get Ryan Seacrst for his birthday? An infatable love doll of himself! SOW → Miley Cyrus has marked the start of the holiday season by twerking on Santa Claus The Blemish → Famewhores Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes MORE

Usher sings the ABCs on ‘Sesame Street’


Fun fact: As someone who was born in the 90's and regularly had to babysit kids for $5 an hour, I spent a lot of time being forced to watch crappy public access kids shows, an alarming number of which featured hip-hop dinosaurs rapping about their feelings. But God help me if I tried to get the kids to watch Sesame Street, because they were not having it. Which brings me to my point: Sesame Street, while wholly a kids show, is WAY more MORE

Cookie Monster covers Icona Pop!

Cookie Monster

The gang over at PBS' long-running kids show Sesame Street is gearing up for their 44th season (with celebrity guests such as Charlize Theron, Usher, and Henry Cavill) which kicks off next month on September 16th, and to celebrate here's Cookie Monster doing his own version of Swedish pop duo Icona Pop's super smash hit, "I Love It." Check out Cookie Monster's "Me Want It (But Me Wait)" (of course he's talking cookies and self-control) video MORE

Kellan Lutz teaches us about the word … vibrate!

Kellan Lutz

Super cutie Kellan Lutz (who I've been crushing on since his days on The Comeback) stops by Sesame Street this week (April 25) to help Cookie Monster and viewers understand the word of the day ... vibrate. I could make so many tasteless jokes right now, but I won't since this is a kids' show, instead I'll let imaginations run wild and dirty when it comes to Kellan and something moving back and forth really fast to create vibrations. Oh gosh, it's MORE

Jon Hamm does ‘Sesame Street’

Jon Hamm

Mad Men star Jon Hamm is dropping by Sesame Street this week (April 18th). He will appear alongside Elmo for a "Word of the Day" segment, helping educate kids on the definition of "sculpture." I certainly wouldn't mind having a life-size sculpture of Jon, he's so damn sexy, especially with the scruffy beard he's rocking in the pictures. Sundays can't come fast enough, I'm already totally hooked on the latest season of Mad Men, easily one of the MORE

Kevin Clash steps down as Elmo’s puppeteer!

Elmo and Kevin Clash

And now for the saddest thing you'll hear all day: after his first accuser conveniently changed his story when he was dropped by his original legal reps over his shady past, Kevin Clash has stepped down as the puppeteer for Elmo after a second man came forward claiming he had an underage relationship with Clash as well, conveniently changing his story over a "typo." Mmmm-hmmmm. TMZ reports ... Among the allegations, Singleton claims, MORE

Elmo’s puppeteer Kevin Clash is off the hook

Elmo and Kevin Clash

So remember how earlier this week, Kevin Clash -- the voice and puppeteer of Sesame Street's lovable Elmo -- was accused of carrying on a relationship with a sixteen-year-old boy. Oof, right in the childhood. Except in almost no time at all, his accuser has recanted his story, saying that he and Clash's relationship took place after he came of age. So ... yeah. WHAT THE HELL, DUDE? Via TMZ ... The accuser's lawyer just released a statement MORE

Kevin Clash, Elmo’s puppeteer, accused of statutory rape?!

Elmo and Kevin Clash

WHAT THE WHATTING WHAT. No. Just ... no, I'm not going to get into this. I'm just going to let the blockquote from the NY Daily News explain this, because this is seriously messed up. “In June of this year, Sesame Workshop received a communication from a then 23-year-old man who alleged that he had a relationship beginning when he was 16 years old with Kevin Clash,” reps for the show said in a statement. Clash, 52, who has been Elmo’s MORE

Sesame Street: Share It Maybe

Cookie Monster and Carly Rae Jepsen

Oh gosh! It looks like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street has been struck by a case of Carly Rae Jepsen fever! Here's "Share it Maybe," his take on her addictive smash hit "Call Me Maybe"! MORE

A ‘Sesame Street’ movie?!

Sesame Street

Yes, yes, I know, there is no reason a grown man should be getting excited for a Sesame Street movie, until you remember that every Sesame Street DVD movie in the past has featured a collection of awesome celebrities (Elmopalooza had Jon Stewart in it. JON STEWART!!!) so yes, I'm excited about this. YAY! From The Hollywood Reporter: 20th Century Fox wants to tell you how to get to Sesame Street. The studio has picked up the movie rights to the MORE

Bert and Ernie: Asexual best friends forever!

Bert & Ernie

This just in! In an official statement released on Facebook, Sesame Workshop has officially addressed what everyone has always talked about with hushed whispers and under the cover of darkness. Bert and Ernie are not gay! Or straight! They are asexual puppets. That's a let down! Sesame Street has always been a progressive and forward thinking show, especially for children. The show has dealt with a multitude of social issues, including (but not MORE

This video is brought to you by the letters ‘T’ and ‘A’!

Too easy? Yeah, maybe a little bit. Anyway, Katy Perry was on an episode of Sesame Street, performing a spoof of her song Hot N Cold with Elmoto teach kids about Tits Hooters Melons Boobies Jugs Opposites? Yeah that sounds about right. Opposites. Anyway, whatever, I thought the video was kinda cute, and Katy seems to at least have a sense of humor about herself if she's willing to chase around a hairy little beast with a hand up its ass. But MORE