Kim Kardashian wants to be Sarah Jessica Parker?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian

For the past few months, Kim Kardashian has been trying to convince the world that she's not a no-talent, useless famewhore by ... being a no-talent, useless famewhore. I don't think she thought this one through as well as she thinks she did. Anyway, Kim is really gunning for a glamorous image, and has decided to do so by turning inward and becoming a more generous, humble human being. HA HA HA! No, I'm just f**king with you. No, she's just MORE

‘Glee’ had a Kiki with Sarah Jessica Parker and Shangela!

Shangela and Chris Colfer

Because we are slowly turning into a RuPaul's Drag Race fan blog -- Dare to dream, people. Dare to dream... -- here's the full video of Glee's first Scissor Sisters cover, "Let's Have a Kiki," featuring Shangela! Though for some reason they decided to mash it up with "Turkey Lurkey Time," but I'm willing to overlook how odd that is because it somehow worked. Also because Shangela was there and Sarah Jessica Parker doing the intro was sickening. MORE

Sarah Jessica Parker wore a silly hat!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Hey, not everything can be about divorces and jailed cokewhores and giant famewhore asses. Sometimes it's about Sarah Jessica Parker wearing silly hats because she's pretty much been playing moderately adjusted versions of Carrie Bradshaw for the past thirteen years. The Daily Mail reports: Wearing a tight-fitted Chanel tweed dress with button detail down the front, the mother-of-three looked chic in a pair of black stilettos - but chose to MORE

There are no plans to resurrect ‘Sex and the City’!

Sex and the City cast

You know how when Sex and the City 2 came out, everyone basically jumped on it for basically just being a two-hour long commercial for shit that no one could ever actually buy and for being a gormless mess with no real plot or motivation for its characters unless you count a pathological need to be a demonic harpy to everyone around them? Well, there was a rumor going around that they wanted to resurrect the series but it turns out it's MORE

‘Sex and the City 3: More friggin’ shoes!’

Sarah Jessica Parker

Remember how Sex and The City used to be a good show, and then it was turned into an okay movie, and then that okay movie was given a shitty sequel? Well good news! Sarah Jessica Parker is planning a sequel to that shitty sequel, which I'm presuming will somehow be even shittier than the one before it. But on the plus side: Shoes! Whining about TVs! Deflecting criticism by calling detractors misogynists! Yay! "I think there's one more story to MORE

Marriage woes for Sarah Jessica Parker?

good evening! below is the latest STAR magazine cover which is featuring sarah jessica parker front & center - claiming she's ready to move out and ditch matthew broderick! back in july ms. parker was featured in the magazine with the claim her hubby was cheating on her - i'm not really buying into all of this but the couple has always been so private - so who knows what's really going on! yet as of today we do know there is one thing happening MORE