Just Because He’s Cute: Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe

Here's cutie Ryan Phillippe (age 36) last night at the Los Angeles premiere of his new flick, The Lincoln Lawyer, which also stars hottie Matthew McConaughey. I've always had a thing for Ryan ever since 1998's Studio 54 (certianly not the greatest movie ever but he's adorable in it) but I feel like he's kind of a dick in real-life. If you need a second opinion on that just go ask his ex-wife and baby mama Reese Witherspoon, I bet she would MORE

Ryan Phillippe cheated a lot? latest STAR…

oh my gosh - what a day it has been! screw election day - it's britney's independence day! everyone all across the board is thrilled that she finally decided to rid herself of kfed who looks like will now be called fed-ex - ha! oh i've been giddy all day long over this story - i bet it's going to get a bit ugly in the next few weeks... anyways there is other gossip including the latest cover of STAR magazine which is all about reese MORE

People asks why Reese & Ryan split…

hey hey! i rested all afternoon - watched a bit of TV and just got back online and came across the latest cover of people magazine which of course features our most recent split up couple...reese witherspoon & ryan phillippe - who knows what really happened - whether it was ryan's cheating or not - i do hope these two can have a civilized divorce yet without those prenup papers things could get very ugly! in other stories there's michael j MORE

Reese & Ryan get their 7 yr itch on!

yes yes yes! it's true after seven years of wedded 'beautiful people' bliss talented reese witherspoon and hottie ryan phillipe are calling it quits! the news broke earlier today but i figured i would post tonight - it's just another failed hollywood marriage! am i surprised? hardly - am i a bit sad? ok yes - i really did like these two as a couple and both are stunningly gorgeous and i'm sure their three two children will grow up just as pretty MORE