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Rusell Brand and Courtney Love

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Russell Brand gave a complete stranger a handjob?

Russell Brand

WELP. This is happening. According to an interview RadarOnline dug up, comedian and actor Russell Brand once jerked a guy off for a documentary because queer sexuality is something that straight guys only pull out when they want to be artsy. Thanks for that, by the way. Anyway, it Russell also adds that this all happened back during a time when he was addicted to heroin, just so you know he isn't really gay in real life! Just when it's convenient MORE

Russell Brand called out Hugo Boss’ Nazi uniforms!

Russell Brand

Fun fact: turns out, there are tons of businesses and products we use today that had serious Nazi ties. Seriously, look up Volkswagen, Coco Chanel and Hugo Boss. All of them had pretty damning ties to Nazi Germany. A few nights ago, comedian / actor Russell Brand decided to bring up the fact that Hugo Boss made military uniforms for the Nazis during World War II during the British GQ's Men of the Year Awards even though they were sponsoring the MORE

Russell Brand is comforting Katy Perry after her breakup?

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

According to a new report from RadarOnline, after Katy Perry dumped John Mayer, she apparently went to Russell Brand for support since they actually divorced on pretty good terms a couple weeks back. Sooooooooo ... does anyone else think that she and Russell are doing it again? I'm not saying that's what's happening, but I kinda think that they still might have feelings for each other. Yes, I'm shipping them back together, what of MORE

Russell Brand got arrested too!

Russell Brand

Sure, it might make absolutely no sense for George Clooney to be in prison, since he didn't actually do a damn thing, but at least the knowledge that Russell Brand was sent to jail yesterday actually makes sense and balances out reality so that it sounds like there's some sort of logical thread to -- oh, wait, he got out after only a couple hours by posting bail, so no one learned anyone. We're back to chaos. Via TMZ: Russell Brand has been MORE

Russell Brand has an arrest warrant out for him

Russell Brand

Remember when Russell Brand tweeted a joke yesterday about how he wasn't causing personal damage to the personal property of others by launching someone's iPhone through a building because he dared taking a picture of him? Well, now there's an arrest warrant out for Russell in New Orleans, which somehow makes his joke even funnier because HAHA! Bitch might be going to jail. TMZ reports: New Orleans PD tells TMZ a misdemeanor warrant for simple MORE

Russell Brand thinks he’s funny

Russell Brand

In case you didn't hear about this, Russell Brand snatched a guy's iPhone and threw it through a building because Russell got all whiny about having his picture taken. Which is sort of like getting pissed off about having to take orders when you're a waiter: it's just part of the job, numbnuts. Anyway, Russell decided to defend his actions the best way possible: by joking about them on Twitter. Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone MORE

Russell Brand smashed someone’s phone

Russell Brand

Now that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have officially broken up, it's starting to look like Katy has had the easier time moving on, since she now has a massive break up song out and he is going around pulling a Chris Brown on people. And by "Chris Brown", I don't mean "he's beating women he claims to love to near death and then leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere", so much as "he's stealing the cell phones of anyone who photographs him MORE

Katy Perry’s new song is not about Russell Brand

Katy Perry

A couple weeks back at the Grammys, singer Katy Perry released a new song called Part Of Me --  well, she released the same song she always does, only with slightly different lyrics and a faster beat -- and everyone shit themselves because it was a breakup song that came on the heels of her own divorce with Russell Brand. Anyway, Katy now wants you all to know that she did not in fact lift a page from the Taylor Swift playbook, and that she MORE

Katy Perry hates Russell Brand after all!

Katy Perry - Part Of Me

Remember how I was totally convinced that for once we were gonna have a celebrity divorce where both parties didn't try to tear each other to shreds for the sake of the public's love and adoration thanks to Katy Perry and Russell Brand? Well scratch that, it looks like Katy is going to Alanis Morissette this bitch straight to the bank with her new song Part Of Me (performed for the first time at the Grammys last night), which is all about how MORE

Katy Perry signed her divorce papers with a smiley face!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Despite some early reports suggesting that their divorce might go ugly, it's starting to look more and more like Katy Perry and Russell Brand might be separating on good terms. Not only is Russell refusing to gold-dig his ex-wife's money, but Katy even went ahead and signed her divorce with a smiley face. Awww, kids these days ... Us Weekly reports: Brand will not be receiving spousal support from Perry, despite not having a pre-nuptial MORE

Russell Brand doesn’t want Katy Perry’s money!

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

So despite the fact that Katy Perry and Russell Brand's marriage ended after only 14 months, and was due in large part to the fact that Katy's parents think Lucky the Leprechaun is the devil and that he can only be defeated by random meaningless jibber-jabber, it seems that the whole divorce thing might be totally amicable after all, with Russell refusing to take any of Katy's money. Wow, did a Hollywood divorce just end without either party MORE

Russell Brand is writing a Katy Perry tell-all?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

As we all know, the first rule of celebrity fight club is that the first thing you do after a falling out with another celebrity is write a tell-all book about them. Because it's classy and sophisticated, that's why. Anyway, no surprises here, but reports allege that Russell Brand is shopping around a memoir about his marriage to Katy Perry, because I'm sure this story doesn't have the shelf-life of ground beef. Us Weekly reports: As multiple MORE

Russell Brand told Katy Perry she wasn’t funny

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

What, you thought Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce was going to be a civil, dignified affair? HA! You're talking about a girl who wore cupcakes and a guy who made a movie about an Easter Bunny that shits jelly beans into Kaley Cuoco's mouth. There was no way this can end well. So here's a "source" claiming that Russell was an unsupportive husband who told Katy she wasn't funny on Saturday Night Live. And lo, did the eternal battle between MORE