Links: OMG, is that really Rose McGowan?!

Rose McGowan

→ Oh my gosh ... I never would have recognized actress Rose McGowan in these pictures Yeeeah → Over 500 men and women participated in the annual Santa Speedo Run in Boston! BuzzFeed → Beyoncé and Pepsi break the rules with a new and creative branding partnership! PopCrush → Damn! Rihanna was totally ravishing in red as she left a Paris recording studio! I'm Not Obsessed → After she got her party on, Demi Moore was MORE

Rose McGowan was raised by Drag Queens

Rose McGowan

Because gay men needed a reason other than a muscly greased up Jason Momoa running around in naught but a loincloth, Rose McGowan gave an interview to The Advocate talking about her parents were cult leaders and how she ended up running away from them and ended up being raised by drag queens. I'm not going to lie, that's pretty much the dream of every gay kid who ever watched RuPaul's Drag Race. When I came to the states from Italy around the MORE

Rose McGowan is ‘Red Sonja’!

holy cow - i'm so fucking excited for remake of red sonja (based on the marvel comic book character who first appeared in 1973) starring rose mcgowan and directed by her kick-ass director boyfriend robert rodriguez (she was great (along w/ her machine gun leg) in his last outing planet terror - half of the double feature grindhouse) the original flick was released in 1985 and starred arnold schwarzenegger and brigitte nielsen and although i'm MORE

Rose McGowan – lookin’ sexy in Arena!

good evening! i'm thrilled i made it through the day - this morning i was super cranky and bitchy but after lunchtime rolled around i managed to be back to my cheery pop self! (with the help of burger king - which is totally nasty but i can't help myself sometimes!) tonight i'm looking forward to the season premiere of hell's kitchen over on FOX - although i'm way bummed that on the lot has gone from two nights to just one (it'll be on tomorrow MORE

Rose McGowan’s droopy eye problem …

oh rose mcgowan - she has been the talk of a lot of rumors as of late (mainly that she has some sorta drug problem with cocaine) well this week's STAR magazine points out her new droopy eye...everything looked fine a few months ago but now her eye looks a little wonky (and quite bloodshot) i've always been a fan of ms. mcgowan's (jawbreaker rules) and hopefully she can get her act (and eye!) together in time to promote her upcoming film MORE