Rooney Mara is back!

Rooney Mara

I enjoy Rooney Mara because she’s socially awkward and wore Nina Ricci on a red carpet once. That sounds fickle but I have no idea what else to judge my love for her on besides Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (her performance was nominated last year for a Best Actress Oscar). Don’t get me wrong; Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was good. Well, as good as a film can be with source material like that but, she fell off the face of the earth afterwards. MORE

The Necessity of Lisbeth Salander

Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara

Lisbeth Salander has multiple piercings across her face. Her eyebrows are bleached and her skin is whiter than Ramona Singer’s attempts at belly dancing. Like the majority of her wardrobe, her hair is jet black. It’s purposefully jagged and sharply frames her thin face. The makeup that circles her eyes is dark enough to make Taylor Momsen and Johnny Depp cry Lauren Conrad-esque mascara tears of jealousy. She wears ripped t-shirts that read MORE