Rolling Stone: Not a fan of the Kardashians!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Confession time: There's nothing I enjoy more than an out-of-left-field slam on the Kardashian family. The less build-up there is to it, the more I enjoy it, because it reflects my own seething hatred for the Kardashians and what they represent. So here's Rolling Stone taking a huge dump on America's first family of vapid, narcissistic awfulness. Why? Why not. Take it and enjoy the schadenfreude ... The Kardashians are the last ladies standing MORE

Drake isn’t happy with Rolling Stone magazine

Drake and Philip Seymour Hoffman

As a general rule, a magazine will only bump a cover story for some sort of tragedy. More often than not, this means celebrity deaths. Such was the case with Rolling Stone when it bumped Drake from the cover for Philip Seymour Hoffman. Guess who wasn't happy about that? HuffPo reports ... "I never commented on Yeezus for my interview portion of Rolling Stone," Drake wrote in the first of two tweets that have since been deleted. "They also took MORE

Miley Cyrus gets naked (again) for Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus / Rolling Stone

Oh here we go again ... Miley Cyrus is stripping down again, this time for the latest cover of Rolling Stone (read her interview with the magazine). I still really do like Miley's whole new 'adult' vibe (and music) but I think girlfriend is overdoing the whole naked thing, she needs to simmer down for a bit and keep her top on and tongue in. We totally get you Miley, but you don't have to keep nailing it into our heads with that sledge hammer you MORE

Rihanna on Chris Brown: It’s different now!

Rihanna / Rolling Stone

You know, we've gone pretty hard on Rihanna over the fact that she started dating Chris Brown again, mostly because he physically abused her and seriously, he physically abused her. When you're in the public eye and you end up going back to the guy who beat you and left you for dead, you're kinda implicitly stating that it's okay to be physically abusive as long as you can get away with it. Anyway, here's Rihanna talking about how she's dating MORE

Justin Bieber sounds intelligent!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone, where he's being touted as "HOT", "READY" and "LEGAL", because when they did the same thing with Lindsay Lohan, it ended super well. And like Lindsay, Justin sounds like he's transitioning into adulthood with maturity and humility, rather than acting like a pompous, entitled idiot all you haters figured he would turn into, as can be clearly seen from this list of things Bieber MORE

Adele graces the cover of Rolling Stone!

Adele - Rolling Stone Magazine

Good news, everyone! The typewriter-bound monkeys at Rolling Stone have pulled their heads out of their asses long enough to (GASP!) actually put a beautiful, talented singer on the cover of their magazine for once! Suck it, Bieber. Anyway, Adele is on the cover of next month's issue and inside she talks about her touring anxiety, weight issues and her appreciation for Katy Perry's tits. On touring and projectile vomiting "I'm scared of MORE

About those Justin Bieber rape comments …

Justin Bieber

While the settling dust of Justin Bieber's ... comments, let's just put it that way, continues to be swept up and analyzed because clearly the political opinions of a teenager matter, the reporter who interviewed Justin Bieber for Rolling Stone magazine has come to his defense. "I think he meant that God has a plan," she told PopEater. "Even for the most die-hard Christian, it's hard to justify rape as part of God's plan, and harder to justify MORE

Oh, Justin Bieber …

Justin Bieber - Rolling Stone

Bad idea: Justin Bieber is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone. And they wonder why print media is dying. Worse idea: They ask for his opinion on politics, health care and sex despite the fact that he is sixteen. Well, maybe without his handler's hand firmly planted up his ass working his jaw, he may have a vali- “It’s everyone’s own decision to do that [be gay]. It doesn’t affect me and it shouldn’t affect anyone MORE