Rob Pattinson might be dating Sean Penn’s daughter

Hopper Penn, Robin Wright, Dylan Penn

It's been friggin' forever since Kristen Stewart decided to cheat on Rob Pattinson by banging her married director in a car where literally everyone could see her, and it looks like Rob is finally moving on. According to Page Six, Robert is dating Dylan Penn, the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright (pictured above at the Emmys this past weekend with her mom and kind of sexy brother Hopper Penn), presumably because she has emotions aside from MORE

Kristen Stewart got pranked by the paparazzi

Kristen Stewart

It's a ridiculously slow news week, and it doesn't exactly help that Toronto just got hit with a massive rainstorm that threatens to short-out our power grid, which means I have precious little time to post precious little news. So in that respect, here's Kristen Stewart getting pranked by the paparazzi, and by "pranked," I mean they just wrote "I <3 Rob" on her dirty ass truck. Oooo, aren't they clever. Look Kristen, I get that you're trying MORE

Lindsay Lohan is hanging out with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?

Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Even though Lindsay Lohan is broke as hell, is looking completely drained, and is currently something of a Hollywood pariah, a "source" close to Lindsay wants you to believe that she's currently hanging out with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and that they're almost ready to let her become a vampire so that she can stay young and pretty forever! Via Page Six ... Lindsay Lohan has found an unlikely ally in her quest to be better MORE

Who are Hollywood’s most bankable stars?

Natalie Portman

Earlier this month, Forbes put together their list of the most overpaid stars in Hollywood, with Eddie Murphy landing at number one, the first time that's ever happened to him in years. Well, Forbes created the flip-side to that list, featuring the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Natalie Portman - $42.70 : $1.00 Kristen Stewart - $40.60 : $1.00 Shia LaBeouf - $35.80 : $1.00 Robert Pattinson - $31.70 : $1.00 Daniel Radcliffe - $30.50 : MORE

Robert Pattinson on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Back when those damnable Twilight movies first came out, every impressionable girl out there had either a Team Edward or Team Jacob shirt, because nothing says "I'm going to grow up to have mature, fulfilling relationships!" like forcing a completely personality-devoid female character to choose between two emotionally manipulative monsters. Anyway, in an interview with Yahoo! Movies, actor Robert Pattinson went on the record to tell everyone MORE

Kristen Stewart got booed!

Kristen Stewart

Oh, how I cannot wait until this week is over so I don't have to write about freaking Twilight again, but we're still two days away, so just ... bear with me. Anyway, last night was the Hollywood Press Screening for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, which HuffPo's Mike Ryan decided to live blog for the sake of milking something good out of the whole thing. The highlight of the night's awkwardness came when an audience member booed Kristen Stewart MORE

Ashley Greene on Kristen Stewart’s scandalous affair

Ashley Greene

You know the story: Boy meets girl on the set of a terrible movie. Boy and girl fall in studio mandated Love™ (Love™ being a wholly owned trademark of the Monsanto company.) Girl cheats on boy with the married director of her movie. Boy and girl break up. Studio realizes that movie featuring a horribly unhealthy relationship can't be sold to impressionable young women without the staged real-life romance between the leads. Boy and girl MORE

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart must stick together (for now)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Remember how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart conveniently got together just in time to promote the final Twilight movie? Well, yeah, about that ... it turns out, it's not so much that they're in love, or willing to move past the incident, so much as they're contractually obligated to promote the movie together. And now it turns out that the producers have gone so far as to book them into separate hotels just to make sure they don't end up MORE

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are living together again?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Oh, sure, Kristen Stewart may or may not have sorta cheated on Robert Pattinson. And yes, it may or may not have been with the married father who directed her in Snow White and the Huntsman. And yes, pictures of them making out in a car made their way onto the internet, where they were seen by millions of people, including this girl. But that's all in the past now, as Robert and Kristen have moved back in together to live in Contractually MORE

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Back together?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Back when news first broke out about how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up, RuPaul posted something on Twitter about how the whole thing was a sham meant to hype the final, terrible Twilight movie. Which was weird, because it seemed like a lot of work to make the stars of their movie look just downright terrible in order to pimp a crappy movie that glorifies weak female characters and unhealthy relationships, but then again, I'm not a MORE

Kristen Stewart is a Trampire!

Kristen Stewart

On the chance you've never met a Twihard, the first thing you should know is that they are INSANE. Seriously, I have an inbox in my email just for angry Twihards calling me a dumb poop-head every time I make fun of their precious sparkly vampires. Yes, one of them actually called me a poop-head. Once again: They read Twilight. Literature is clearly not their strong suit. Anyway, it should be assumed that nothing is off limits to them; if you MORE

Robert Pattinson was on ‘The Daily Show’

Robert Pattinson

Last night, The Daily Show did a great segment on how the media was more focused how Paul Ryan was a superhunky slab of man than actually talking about his stances on integral issues and- HAHAHAHA! Just kidding! No one paid any attention to those parts because Jon Stewart had Robert Pattinson on the show, talking for the first time since Kristen Stewart cheated on him with a married dad. Everyone focus on that! Entertainment Weekly reports MORE

Bill Condon: Please respect Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

It's been a couple weeks since everyone found out that Kristen Stewart was totally biting on some married father's lower lip behind Robert Pattinson's back, HOW COULD SHE BREAK EDWARD CULLEN'S HEART, HE LOVES YOU BELLA SWAN EVEN IF HE IS A BORDERLINE EMOTIONALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY ABUSIVE VAMPIRE?! Ahem, sorry, I get caught up in books that glorify unhealthy relationships. Anyway, Bill Condon, the director of the upcoming final Twilight Saga MORE

Robert Pattinson to break his silence on ‘The Daily Show’

Robert Pattinson

You know how you'll watch The Daily Show because it's almost like real news, but with less screaming angry people and more funny people being funny, but then you'll sort of just tune out on the act three interview because I mean, you're cultured but you're not that cultured, am I right? Well, uncultured slobs, get ready to actually pay attention during the interview portion for once, because Jon Stewart will be interviewing Robert Pattinson this MORE