Robert Kardashian’s journals are still causing drama

The Kardashians

A couple months ago, diary entries from the late Robert Kardashian's journal started making their way online, which basically called out Kris Jenner as a terrible mother, alleging that she abused, threatened and neglected her children while she basically looked after no one but herself. Well, the Kardashian family is now suing Ellen Pearson, Robert's widow and the woman who released the entries, for slander and libel and- Oh, wait, they're only MORE

Oh No: Kris Jenner has a sex tape?!

Kris Jenner Sex Tape Rumors

Hey, remember how Kim Kardashian only became famous after her sex tape 'mysteriously' leaked? (By which I mean she purposely signed a stack of release forms before handing over two valid forms of government I.D.) And remember how Kim said she wanted to leave reality television forever, thus removing the only reason her mother Kris Jenner is famous? Well, according to the National Enquirer, momager Kris may possibly have a sex tape of her own, MORE

Kris Jenner is (allegedly) not that great of a mom

Kris Jenner

Over the years, Kris Jenner has made millions of dollars and amassed tons of publicity by essentially turning her family into a 24/7 fame-whoring plant, to the point where even Joan Crawford would look at her and go, "wow, you really suck at this whole 'maternal' thing, don't you?" And then I like to imagine that Joan would beat Kris with a wire hanger before smashing her face into a bathroom floor covered in scouring powder. Anyway, yesterday, MORE