Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = “Doing It”

Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = "Doing It"

My favorite thing about the web -- other than bitchy fashion blogs and Drag Race .GIFs (oh and porn) is the fact that it really does function as a great equalizer when it comes to media. It used be that if you wanted to get played, you had to have a label behind you to do all your PR. Nowadays, Twitter and Tumblr are easily viable options willing to share lesser known artists who actually make great songs. Granted, you still need luck, but at MORE

Justin Bieber got booed–as he stripped down!

Justin Bieber

Normally, I'm of the mind that if you're an adult and you're absolutely sick of someone's stupidity, you owe it to yourself and others to at least put it into words rather than just feign righteous self-indignation and clock out with "I CAN'T." Except you know what millenials? I think I'm going to jump on board with you here. According to Us Weekly magazine, Justin Bieber was booed during Fashion Rocks last night, and his immediate response was MORE

Katy Perry: Booed for showing up late to Milan Fashion Week

Katy Perry

So here's the story from what I gather: Rita Ora and Katy Perry were supposed to walk at Milan Fashion Week for Moschino (Jeremy Scott), but the two of them showed up late for some reason. Or they showed up early? I don't know. The show was apparently supposed to start at 8, but then there are reports they were told to show up for 9, and then someone else said that fashion shows run late in general, but ... meh, regardless, the end result is that MORE

2013 MTV VMAs Fashion: Ciara shines, Rita Ora loses!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

MTV’s annual Video Music Awards have long been known for being the most fascinating in terms of red carpet fashion (since 1984) and this year's ceremonies held in Brooklyn, NY was no different. BEST Danity Kane OH MY GOD. DANITY KANE IS BACK. I have been praying for this moment since Diddy unceremoniously destroyed them in a fit of rage. Tonight’s reunion announcement (minus D. Woods but we MORE

Rita Ora cheated on Rob Kardashian with Jonah Hill?!

Rob Kardashian, Rita Ora and Jonah Hill

Honestly, this is probably one of the most confusing mish-mashes of celebrities (well, one celebrity, and two pseudo-famous people) I've ever seen, so let's just plow into this one: As some of you may remember, Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian split up a little while back after Rob accused Rita of cheating on him with twenty other guys. Turns out, one of those guys was allegedly Jonah Hill. Yes, really. Us Weekly reports ... One person who isn't MORE

Rob Kardashian keeps it klassy!

Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora

You know someone is a dignified, sophisticated rose in life's garden when their family replaces every hard C with the letter K. As a member of the illustrious Kardashian Klan (that's how they referred to themselves once, and I will never forget it), Rob Kardashian is nothing less than a krown prince of the American monarky, and showed as much yesterday on Twitter when he broke up with his girlfriend, Rita Ora, and did so by starting the MORE