Chris Brown’s neck tattoo is not Rihanna

Chris Brown

The other day, the web caught wind of Chris Brown's new neck tattoo, which featured a woman's face which appeared to be heavily battered and bruised. Considering Chris's history of domestic abuse, this probably wasn't the best idea in the world. Anyway, today he's trying to clear the rumours by saying that it was actually a face from a MAC Cosmetic Ad. ABC News reports ... “His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration MORE

Good Endorsements Gone Bad: Nivea dropped Rihanna!


Did you know Rihanna was apparently Nivea's spokeswoman? Well she was, focus on the past-tense. Reportedly, Rihanna was dropped by them because she was too "raunchy", which is just a tiny bit confusing. Remember that time she released a single called "S&M?" It was about kink? Yeah, you'd kinda figure that someone who would do that would be just a teensy bit kinky. TMZ reports ... According to reports, the makeup company kicked Rihanna to MORE

The 2012 VMA nominations are here!

Rihanna, Drake and Katy Perry

Did you know MTV still shows music videos? Neither did I, but apparently they do because they're still running an entire awards show around it. Anyway, the nominees for the 2102 MTV Video Music Awards have been announced, with Rihanna and Drake leading the pack with five nods each, Katy Perry coming up with four, and Chris Brown getting two more nominations than he deserves. Video of the Year Katy Perry, "Wide Awake" Gotye, "Somebody That I MORE

An open letter to Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Dear Chris Brown, I heard your entourage got into a little scuffle with Drake's entourage and you got a cut on your face. Well ... Kind of puts that into perspective, huh? Sincerely, Jeremy Feist Chris Brown sustained a nasty gash on his chin -- apparently a wound from a bottle attack -- after his entourage allegedly clashed with Drake's crew in a NYC nightclub brawl. TMZ has confirmed with the NYPD that the two singers' MORE

Coldplay’s new video: Crouching Martin, Hidden Rihanna

Coldplay - Princess of China featuring Rihanna

The music video for Coldplay's Princess of China hit the web over the weekend, and as you would expect from a video that features both Chris Martin and Rihanna, it's okay safeness with a decent soundtrack. I mean granted, neither of them are known for being particularly daring, but chances are if I went up to you and said "direct Princess of China in your head," chances are the first things that popped in their would be "kung fu movie homage". Or MORE

Rihanna has reptile boobs!


Rihanna posted more pics of her boobs on the internet, and to be honest, I'm worried. We, as a society, are reaching the point of over-saturation of RiRi's boobs. Back in my day, if you wanted to see Rihanna's boobs, you had to walk five miles through snow and ice just to maybe get a glimpse of the side of her boob, and we were happy with a little side boob action goshdurnit. Nowadays, kids just go onto Facebook, Twitter and Google and BAM, they MORE

Rihanna pissed off everyone at ‘SNL’


I'm not sure you know this, but putting Saturday Night Live together, and making sure that each live sketch written over the space of a week (that made the cut) and then subsequently performed over the course of ninety-minutes goes just right, requires a ton of planning and practice (even if the sketches aren't funny). It all must fall exactly into place, everyone must hit their marks, everything must be timed down to the second. So of course, MORE

Here’s Rihanna partying with strippers!


Me? Trolling for page views? Don't be ridiculous. I'm merely posting these pictures from Rihanna's Twitter account of her throwing money on strippers for the sake of ... oh crap, what's that thing called when you do something good for humanity? Charity? Yeah, that's it, I'm posting these for charity. Actually, I'm pretty sure the stripper with her tongue in the other stripper's private area is actually named Charity. I don't know what's MORE

Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been’ music video

Rihanna - Where Have You Been

Since we're almost into May, it's time for everyone to start releasing the videos for the summer songs that will invariably be played at every house party, barbecue, and prom this year. So with that in mind, here's Rihanna throwing her hat into the ring with her music video for Where Have You Been (off Talk That Talk), which is bombastic and dubsteppy enough to take the crown of 2012's song of the summer. Possibly. MORE

Don’t ask Rihanna about Ashton Kutcher!


Personally, if I happened to be starring in Battleship ("Only the second worst movie you'll ever see about pegging!" - not the actual tag line) and had to answer questions about it at a press conference, I would be only too glad to talk about anything other than that piece of shit. Suppressing a cat's anal glands? Sure. Ex-boyfriends and why I dumped them? Absolutely. But Rihanna doesn't feel the same way, because when someone asked her to talk MORE

Are Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher really dating?!

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher

Last week, rumors started going around that Ashton Kutcher was making sweet love with Rihanna, which is crazy because RiRi isn't fifty-years old. Turns out, they've might have been doing each other for almost three months now. The Sun reports: The 24-year-old singer hit if off with Two and a Half Men hunk Ashton at a mutual pal's house party in Los Angeles last December. The Umbrella singer is so besotted with Ashton, 34, that she has asked MORE

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher are hooking up?

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher

The Good News: Rihanna might not be back to having sex with that one guy who beat the shit out of her with a car door and then used her face as a chew toy. The Bad News: turns out, she might be having sex with Ashton Kutcher, which is almost as bad, but in a totally different way. RadarOnline reports: The Caribbean Queen was spotted leaving the Two and a Half Men star’s Los Angeles mansion early Thursday after arriving four hours earlier. MORE

Reese Witherspoon told her kids not to be like Chris Brown

Reese Witherspoon

Say what you will about Reese Witherspoon -- specifically that she can cut diamonds with her chin. I swear to God, if I had a nickle for every time I heard that joke -- but the girl has a good head on her shoulders and is not afraid to go in on someone famous if she thinks that they're selling bullshit. Which is why she told People magazine that she talks to her kids to make sure they know not to be like Chris Brown and Rihanna, and that domestic MORE

Rihanna and Chris Brown team up on remixes

Rihanna and Chris Brown

And just like that, the Chris Brown situation gets impossibly worse. It turns out, Rihanna has either forgiven Chris for beating her to near death and then not learning anything from it, or she wants to win back Chris' pro-woman beating audience, because the two are collaborating on remixes of each others' songs, because it's not like Chris still shows signs of a potential abuser and the cycle of abuse won't repeat itself again. Because that MORE