Behind the Scenes: Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

If the fact that they cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor hasn't already tipped you off that the producers of Lifetime's Liz & Dick (set to premiere in November) have no clue what they're doing, this behind the scenes video should kill off any lingering doubts that this movie is going to be a steaming pile of White Diamonds. Basically, the entire thing is about how LiLo is back (again) and that she's essentially the new Liz Taylor. MORE

Trailer: Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime movie ‘Liz & Dick’

Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

In a reasonable universe, someone would have looked at the trailer for Liz & Dick and thought "NO. BURN IT. Let it never see the light of day." Except then I'm assuming one of the producers realized how much money they put into Lindsay Lohan, so it's not like they can't release that trainwreck, right? Anyway, here's the just released trailer for Liz & Dick (set to air on Lifetime in the fall), which I'm sure you'll be watching either MORE

‘Liz & Dick’ sounds promising

Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler (as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton)

In case you weren't clued in by the fact that Lindsay Lohan's immediate response to getting her first acting role in forever was "become a train wreck!", Lifetime's Liz & Dick is probably going to be a masterpiece adored for ages to come. Now we have actual proof, as The Daily Beast has taken it upon themselves to bring us eight of the most shocking moments in the script, below you'll find the first moment ... Richard Burton and Elizabeth MORE

Lindsay Lohan has ‘transformed’ into Liz Taylor

Lindsay Lohan

From day one, Lifetime's made-for-TV biopic about the life of Liz Taylor has kind of been royally screwed. First, they had to make the Sophie's Choice of either casting Lindsay Lohan or Megan Fox, so clearly, acting ability wasn't a requirement. Then when they eventually picked LiLo for the publicity, she then proceeded to throw a diva fit, demanding she go to Europe to find an appropriate Richard Burton, because she's a casting agent now. Then MORE