The trailer for the ‘Annie’ remake is here


All right kids, here's the trailer for the Annie remake (December 19th) starring Quvenzhané Wallis, and ... well, the good thing is that she makes for a great Annie! It's the older actors that worry me. Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan is pretty rough, let's be honest about it. She's playing that abrasive Brooklynite character that every improv actor has defaulted to at least once in their career, and it's not bad, it just feels like she needs to MORE

The first full-length trailer for ‘Carrie’


Okay real talk? I like the original Carrie (1976), but there was always this one thing that held the movie back for me: Sissy Spacek wasn't a teenager. She's a talented, gorgeous actress, but she just couldn't play a high schooler when she was really 27. Anyway, here's the new trailer for Carrie (out October 18th), starring actual teenager and all-around fantastic actress Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White, with her religious fanatic mother MORE

Red Band Trailer: Evil Dead

Evil Dead

I'm usually not a big fan of remakes, and 1981's The Evil Dead is definitely one of the best horror / cult films ever, but I am totally dying to see Evil Dead, a 'new vision from the producers of the original classic.' Watch the recently released red band trailer, but please be warned, it's quite intense and gory, the film looks absolutely terrifying! This time around, Sam Raimi who directed the original is playing producer along with former star MORE

Bradley Cooper is going to ruin ‘The Crow’

Bradley Cooper and Brandon Lee

Because Hollywood would literally make film out of orphan tears if they thought it would cut down on production costs, they're now going to remake the 1994 cult classic, The Crow, with Bradley Cooper. Some of you might remember The Crow as the movie that resulted in the death of martial arts legend Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee, so clearly that guy who was in The A-Team will have absolutely no problem handling this one. According to The MORE