Justin Bieber is comparing himself to Princess Diana?

Justin Bieber

You know what's sad? This morning, I woke up, found two different Justin Bieber stories, and had to debate which one was dumber and ergo more postable. Ultimately, I skipped Justin trying to mess with a guy's cell phone at Dave & Buster's in lieu of writing about how he got rear-ended by a photographer and is now comparing himself to the late Princess Diana. I guess what I'm trying to say is STOP GIVING ME OPTIONS. At least limit yourself to MORE

Naomi Watts is ‘Diana’

Naomi Watts is 'Diana'

This gives me a case of the goosebumps ... check out actress Naomi Watts as the late Princess Diana (may she rest in peace), in the upcoming biopic simply titled Diana. The film focuses on the last few years of her life, including her tragic and unexpected death back in 1997. It's set to open in September, and it looks Ms. Watts might possibly have another Oscar nomination on her hands! MORE

Links: Rihanna is the new Princess Diana?!

Rihanna and Princess Diana

→ Rihanna is the new Princess Diana ... according to an article by feminist Camille Paglia Celebitchy → Kelly Clarkson slammed music mogul Clive Davis over 'misinformation' in his memoir! BuzzFeed → One Direction visit sick kids in a Ghana hospital, Zayn Malik breaks down in tears! PopCrush → Famewhore Kim Kardashian is on the cover of this month's Du Jour magazine I'm Not Obsessed → What?! Really?! Damn! Britney MORE

Princess Diana at 50: Newsweek’s creepy cover!

Princess Diana at 50 - If She Were Here Now - Newsweek Magazine

Yes, Princess Diana would have turned fifty-years-old this month, and it's interesting to speculate about what she'd be like these days but Newsweek's latest cover with a digitally aged Di standing next to her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton is just plain creepy and in very poor taste! Girlfriend must be rolling over in her grave, I know she would look a lot better right now than the magazine envisioned her, she looks awful! Shame on them for this MORE

Princess Diana – 10 yrs later – we still miss you!


Lily Allen smiles for Princess Diana!

oh lily allen - she's our cranky & sourpussed UK songbird but tonight she got her smile on for princess diana who would have turned 46 today - her adorable princes william & harry organized an incredible lineup for a concert honoring their mum (consisting of some of her favorites like elton john & duran duran along with a few current acts she may have liked - i'm not sure what she would have thought of fergie though) all of the proceeds are going MORE

Princess Diana – 9 years ago …

so the last day of august sadly brings us the anniversary of the death of our much beloved princess of wales diana...nine years have passed since that fateful night in paris in 1997 when the princess tragically lost her life along with her companion dodi al fayed - i'm sure you all can remember what you were doing & where you were when you heard the terribly sad news - i was actually out with friends at the palladium back in NYC which isn't even MORE

Princess Diana

ok i caught this 48 hours special with patrica cornwell (crime expert and author) dudes this lady is cool! anyhoo - they presented some very strong findings etc that may lead to uncovering a plot to kill the princess - you know the mother of the future king of england hanging out with and maybe marrying an egyptian guy - and maybe prince william converts to islam and has to abdicate the throne!) it all makes sense - and this show was engrossing - MORE