Kris Jenner is thinking about posing for Playboy

Kris Jenner

Lately there's been a lot of talk about Kris Jenner having a fake sex tape, because apparently there's a market for cat demons in their late 50's. Who knew? Anyway, I initially wrote it off because there was no way Kris would make a sex tape unless she had a new show to pimp, but now it turns out Kris might be posing for Playboy. Sooooooo, maybe she a new show coming out? Movie? The 58-year-old mum of six, who let's face it, looks pretty foxy MORE

Links: Kate Moss is ready to be a Playboy Bunny!

Kate Moss in Playboy Magazine

→ Kate Moss is celebrating turning 40 by being on the cover of Playboy magazine! Evil Beet → LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are denying specific rumors about their marriage woes Celebitchy → Lady Gaga's new album ARTPOP contains many lines you should never say to anyone ... BuzzFeed → Single ladies everywhere will get to have a Valentine's Day date with Fifty Shades of Grey SOW → Justin Bieber's prostitute Tati Neves MORE

Kim Kardashian wants to pose naked again!

Kim Kardashian

It's natural for shows to go into reruns during the summer, since it's not like the writers can keep churning out stories after the season ends. And for Kim Kardashian, a terrible reality TV show in human form, she's apparently gone into reruns since Khloé Kardashian is getting all the story lines now, and is talking about posing for Playboy magazine ... again. RadarOnline reports ... During a promo for future episodes of Keeping Up with the MORE

Farrah Abraham got rejected by Playboy. Twice.


If there's one thing I know about the natural life-cycle of the MTV reality famewhore, it's that near the end of its life cycle, it will try to prolong the inevitable slide into irrelevance by posing for Playboy. Remember Heidi Montag? Of course you don't, because the universe retroactively erased her and her doucheface husband from existence. Anyway, Farrah Abraham decided to follow in her predecessor's footsteps by applying to Playboy, only to MORE

Courtney Stodden will never be naked in Playboy!

Courtney Stodden

Now that Courtney Stodden has turned eighteen, thus upgrading her from "creepy, underage sex-troll" to "creepy, legal sex-troll", it's time for her to fulfill her destiny by appearing in porn ... oh, wait, she's turning down porn? Really? What, does she think there's a role in a mainstream movie for her? She has the acting range of a Furby with the batteries taken out. Just ... guh. Whatever. Anyway, she is willing to do Playboy magazine however, MORE

Hugh Hefner: Playboy will turn Lindsay’s career around!

Hugh Hefner and Lindsay Lohan

With Lindsay Lohan's new Playboy magazine issue selling through the roof (... or is it?), Hugh Hefner has decided to go on the record and say that this is the moment where Lindsay's career will finally turn around, because apparently showing your boobs for like fifth time somehow translates into coveted movie roles. I don't know, just go with it I guess? People reports: "I had mixed emotions to begin with," he said. "I could not have MORE

Is Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue selling or not?

Lindsay Lohan

So this morning, I went on Fark to search for some celebrity gossip, when I came upon two different stories about how Lindsay Lohan's boobs in Playboy magazine were selling. The first story, coming from Fox News, is claiming that Lindsay's cover is selling next to nothing, which is probably true because Lindsay already leaked everything you could have seen on the web. Also: because she's LiLo and this isn't 2004. “I'm not surprised at all. MORE

Lindsay Lohan bailed on Ellen at the last minute!

Lindsay Lohan

So despite the fact that appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' show to hock her Playboy magazine spread was pretty much the only thing Lindsay Lohan had going for her at this point, our lady of perpetual derp ended up missing her flight back to California from Hawaii and now she can't show daytime television audiences her firecrotch. What's her excuse this time? Got caught up in the airport gift shop again? Those $5 stuffed animals really are a draw ... MORE

Getting naked for Playboy gave Lindsay Lohan confidence!

Lindsay Lohan

Because clearly, the problem with Lindsay Lohan is that she doesn't have enough confidence, in her recent interview with them, Lindsay claims that showing off her boobs gave her the confidence she needs to ... I don't know. Do more drugs I guess? Have an even more inflated sense of unwarranted self-importance? Gosh, the sky's practically the limit for Lindsay's boobs and their confidence. Via MSNBC: "Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s entire Playboy spread has leaked!

Lindsay Lohan

After a certain someone (*cough* Dina Lohan *cough*) leaked the cover of Lindsay Lohan's new Playboy issue onto the web, Playboy is now freaking out over the fact that HOLY CRAP! People can see Lindsay naked on the internet! Which you totally couldn't do before by Googling, oh say, "Lindsay Lohan naked". But in all fairness, she was naked and dressed like Marilyn Monroe, which was totally unique to her Playboy shoo- Oh wait. TMZ MORE

Lindsay Lohan to debut her Playboy spread on Ellen?

Lindsay Lohan - Playboy Magazine

Despite the fact that Ellen DeGeneres' show is pretty much the cutest, most adorable G-rated family daytime talk show out there, someone was apparently kicked in the head by a horse or something because Lindsay Lohan will debut her Playboy magazine spread on Ellen, because showing everyone a drug addict's naked photo spread in a girlie magazine is totally appropriate for the television show my grandma watches. Page Six reports: Lindsay Lohan MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s vagina will be strategically covered up!

Lindsay Lohan

By now it should be plenty obvious that the only reason Playboy magazine wanted to have Lindsay Lohan as the centerfold in an upcoming issue is because (A) she has no other career to speak of, (B) drug addicts will do anything for money, and (C) vagina. The only reason Playboy wanted LiLo is because she was willing to show everyone, including members of her own family, her vagina aka her firecrotch. So of course, The New York Post is saying that MORE

Lindsay Lohan has to redo her Playboy shots!

Lindsay Lohan

For those of you wondering why Lindsay Lohan was given an entire week to surrender for her jail sentence, even though she would apparently only have to go for something like thirty minutes ... well, it turns out those million-dollar naked shots that she took for Playboy magazine last week weren't up to snuff, so the California legal system is going to accommodate her for a week so that she can let people take a whole new set of nude pictures. MORE

Details on Lindsay Lohan’s full-frontal Playboy shoot!

Lindsay Lohan

Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan drunkenly made out with her mom? Of course you do, because the image was burnt into your retinas and now when you close your eyes to sleep at night it's the only thing you can see. Sorry about that. Anyway, Lindsay upped the creepiness yesterday when she brought her mom, Dina Lohan, and her little sister Ali Lohan to watch her show off her boobs to photographers for Playboy magazine because ... no, seriously, why MORE