Ke$ha and Pitbull Team Up On “Timber”

Pitbull "Timber" featuring Ke$ha

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in the pop music community, that means one thing – a collaboration with Pitbull. It's the kind of last ditch effort that's salvaged the floundering careers of divas Jennifer Lopez ("On the Floor," "Live It Up") and Christina Aguilera ("Feel This Moment") and now it seems Ke$ha, who is most certainly a pop damsel-in-distress, is hoping for similar success. And with the recently released, Dr. MORE

Pitbull can still get it locked up like Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan and Pitbull

As some of you might remember, Lindsay Lohan tried to sue Pitbull after he included a lyric about her getting her ass locked up in jail in one of his songs. Yes, how dare he reference a thing that actually happened in real life?! Well, according to RadarOnline, the case was thrown out because it's not illegal to make fun of stupid asshole celebrities, which is probably a good thing because if it was, I would actually have to get a -- GASP! -- MORE

Lindsay Lohan is back to being a total moron!

Lindsay Lohan and Pitbull

A couple months back, you might remember that Lindsay Lohan heard a celebrity say her name, and proceeded to nearly whiplash herself death to see who still remembered that she hadn't died from a drug overdose. Yet. It turns out, it was Pitbull who was referencing all her jail time in a song, so this being Lindsay, a woman who cleared the space in her brain meant for self-reflection to make room for her dealer's numbers, she decided to sue him. MORE

Pitbull is shocked Lindsay Lohan is suing him!

Pitbull is shocked Lindsay Lohan is suing him!

By now it's pretty safe to assume that Lindsay Lohan is out of her little crackmind and will sue anyone who says anything bad about her, no matter how true it is. Well, Pitbull apparently didn't know that, and according to TMZ, he's completely shocked that Lindsay Lohan is suing him for saying true things about her in one of her songs, and actually intended to help boost her career. Sadly, he probably actually did. Pitbull went into serious mode MORE

Lindsay Lohan is a reputable actress (which is why she’s unemployable)

Lindsay Lohan

Not gonna lie: I just conked out and woke up on the sofa, and like a shining ray of light, the first thing I saw was that Lindsay Lohan is suing Pitbull (the rapper, not the dog breed) because he made a reference to her constantly almost going to jail in one of his songs because, you know, she IS constantly almost going to jail. Thank God she doesn't read this site, otherwise we'd be fucked. Lindsay is pissed, claiming in her lawsuit ... "the MORE