PopBytes’ Top Ten Favorite Music Videos of 2013!

Charli XCX "SuperLove"

Over the weekend I was busy compiling my top favorite albums of 2013 list (which should be up very soon), and I thought why not feature ten of my favorite music videos that were posted here on PopBytes this past year. So I present to you my favorite music videos of 2013 ... Charli XCX "SuperLove" Lily Allen "Hard Out Here" Petula Clark "Cut Copy Me" Christina Aguilera "Let There Be Love" Lady Gaga MORE

Video: Petula Clark’s “Cut Copy Me”

Petula Clark "Cut Copy Me"

A few weeks ago I posted about legendary English singer Petula Clark's (she's eighty-years-old if you can believe it) incredibly haunting new song, "Cut Copy Me," but sadly the music video was blocked here in the US (I seriously hate when that happens). So I was scouring the web late last night and realized the video was finally available for viewing in the states, watch it below played out in ASCII art style by way of old school computers, this MORE

Listen: Petula Clark’s “Cut Copy Me”

Petula Clark

The other morning I woke up and saw a tweet from @17Days about a hot new track from English singer Petula Clark called "Cut Copy Me." (iTunes) I immediately thought of "Downtown," the song she's probably most famous for from 1964. I had no clue she was still making music but once I heard the new track I was totally mesmerized. The song is insanely good, and if you can believe, Petula is eighty-years-old now and still sounds great! Next month MORE