Isn’t He Lovely: The Pete Doherty Edition

Pete Doherty

Oh my word, I almost forgot about Pete Doherty! I actually can't believe he's still alive, it's seriously too bad the same thing can't be said for his once partner-in-crime, Amy Winehouse (may she rest in peace). Pete still appears to be as messy as ever, and those teeth of his, yikes! He's the sweaty poster boy for reasons why not to do drugs, so kids please take note, unless you want to look like this. Rocker Pete Doherty signing MORE

Pete Doherty: Selling Amy Winehouse blood art?!

Pete Doherty - Ladylike

In what could easily be the most apt metaphor for Pete Doherty's career ever, Pete is selling a painting he made using Amy Winehouse's blood for something like $130,000. So far, the highest bidder is the center for disease control. Spinner reports: According to the Independent, the auction takes place this Friday at the Cob Gallery with private diaries, guitars, military jackets and other items included. Yet it's a collaborative painting MORE

Amy Winehouse’s ghost is haunting Pete Doherty!

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty

In today's "this is your brain on drugs. ALL THE DRUGS." story, Pete Doherty is apparently freaking out because he's convinced that his London flat is being haunted by the ghost of Amy Winehouse. Which means we can probably assume one of two things: first, that Pete is seriously tripping balls right now. And second, that Amy is presumably spending her afterlife looking for a fix. "Fancy a quick little spin, love? *Heroin needle goes straight MORE