FitnessBytes: Celeb Brain Test + Gaga Naked!

Lady Gaga

We all have have a few people in our social circle who literally don't know any celebrities by name - in fact a friend of mine asked who Zooey Deschanel was the other day WHILE WATCHING NEW GIRL. But it turns out that not recognizing celebrities could be a sign of something very bad in the brains. New research shows it may be an indication of early dementia. I presume the tests, which use using celebrity photos, accept character names as a sign MORE

Paula Deen is digging her grave deeper and deeper

Paula Deen

Paula Deen was on The Today Show for an interview earlier this morning (which you can watch below) with Matt Lauer after she bailed on them last Friday. I'm going to cover this in the lower paragraph, but for now, let's just jump straight to the B.S., shall we? Via Us Weekly ... "There's been some hurtful lies told about me," the Georgia native said after she admitted to previously using the N-word in a court deposition. "The main reason I am MORE

Paula Deen got fired from pretty much everything

Paula Deen

Last week, we found out that celebrity chef Paula Deen not only used the N-word, but engaged in some pretty regular casual racism, which allegedly included calling them "her little monkeys", believing that slaves were like family in the olden days, wanting to dress them up in tuxedos and have them tap-dance and (as we found out today) paying them in beer and liquor. In light of all this as well as a string of really weird and uncomfortable videos MORE

Whatever Girl: Paula Deen begs for forgiveness

Paula Deen

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has issued three apology videos today, in which she begs for forgiveness after it was revealed she regularly used the N-word along with some other racist confessions, a story that broke earlier this week via The National Enquirer. It's all too little, too late, apparently the Food Network has decided to not renew her contract with them. Not a surprising move at all considering how insincere and staged these apologies MORE

Paula Deen used the N-word? Yeah, I can see that

Paula Deen

Paula Deen has already proven that she sees nothing morally wrong with promoting a diet for the sake of money when she knows full well it can lead to diabetes, only to reveal her own diabetic status just as soon as she can score a promotion-deal for diabetes-medication to cover her own ass. In simpler times, imagine if someone got rich by telling people never to exercise, then turned around and promoted heart medication after they secretly had MORE

Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes!

Paula Deen

As a Food Network junkie, the only way I'm able to watch Paula Deen's show is with a morbid sense of curious fascination. Sort of like Epic Meal Time, but without the date-rapey overtones. Anyway, turns out you can't actually eat a metric ton of fatty, sugary, greasy, deep-fried junk food without running into some serious medical issues, so now Paula has type 2 diabetes. But I'm sure this has taught her a lesson about reconciling tasty food with MORE