Everyone got fired from ‘The X Factor’

The X Factor

So in case you're wondering how well a crappier version of American Idol went over with the general population in the states, look no further than the rash of axings going on over at The X Factor, as not one, not two, but three people were all given the boot. First, host Steve Jones was sent packing, despite being the only watchable part of the show, promptly followed by Nicole Scherzinger's incompetent ass, and now Paula Abdul has left the show MORE

Rachel Crow’s elimination was all Paula’s fault?

The X Factor

Even though it's safe to say that Nicole Scherzinger won't be coming back for another year of The X Factor since let's face it, she completely blows at her job, it looks like the whole debacle involving her eliminating Rachel Crow (who I'm entirely convinced was a genetic experiment to create the most tragidorable child to ever exist) was all Paula Abdul's fault according to TMZ. X Factor judge Paula Abdul secretly instructed Nicole MORE

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger’s death threats!

Paula Abdul and Nicole Sherzinger

You know who is the most unstable, murderous group of people you never want to piss off? Teenage girls. I swear to God, I think like 90% of the angry emails I get are from teenage girls who don't understand that stretching the truth until it becomes laughable and ridiculous is how a joke works. Unfortunately, teenage girls also don't understand that threatening to kill someone or telling them that they hope they die constitutes a death threat. So MORE

First Look: The X Factor!

The X Factor - L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell

OMG! I'm seriously looking forward to The X Factor making its way to the states this coming September, especially after the beyond lackluster tenth season of American Idol. The very thought of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul sitting together making TV magic once again behind the judges' table makes me completely giddy. They'll be joined by fellow judges Nicole Scherzinger (it should have been Cheryl Cole, but I'm letting it go at this point) and MORE

Paula Abdul reunites with Simon Cowell for ‘The X Factor’

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

This is seriously the best news ever ... Paula Abdul (forever my girl) signed on late yesterday to be a part of the judges panel on Simon Cowell's talent search import The X Factor! The show has had a quite a successful run over in the UK and now Simon is finally bringing his hit show to the states (it's set to premiere on FOX in September). His timing couldn't be better, as American Idol has been seriously sucking this season without him, I MORE

Checkin’ in on Paula Abdul …

Paula Abdul

Yup, bitch is still crazy. Apparently Paula Abdul crawled out of the Xanax bottle she's been living in since she got fired from American Idol to make a phone call to the police because she was trying to get out of an unidentified loved one's car. On Valentine's Day. Seriously. “Yes, I’m on the 101 Freeway ... and I want out of this car and he won’t let me,” Paula can be heard saying on the call obtained by Access Hollywood, as she MORE

paula abdul plays photographer

good evening! earlier today wacky yet lovable paula abdul was spotted by the paparazzi having lunch with a friend at beverly hills' restaurant trilussa - then ms. abdul decided to get her clever on and turned the tables on the photographers by whipping out a small camera of her own (other celebs have pulled this silly little stunt like britney spears & adrian grenier) i totally got a kick out of paula flashing the peace sign while trying to take MORE