Star Wars Episode: VII … Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Zac Efron?

Star Wars Episode: VII ... Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Zac Efron?

At this point, it's safe to assume that the next Star Wars trilogy is happening and it really can't be any worse than the prequelogy, as long as they don't try and shoehorn in a racist underwater rabbit monster. Although it doesn't help that websites are now reporting that Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Zac Efron are all being considered for roles in the movie. And yet so far, no roles for women, so basically it'll be a lot like the original MORE

Twitter Feud: Amy’s Baking Company vs. Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt

I really wanted to say my piece on the whole Amy's Baking Company drama and then move on, but then this happened and I would be doing all of us a disservice if I didn't post it: Last night, Patton Oswalt made a joke about the now infamous restaurant on Twitter. Since this went down right around the time ABC was going full internet butt-monkey, they tried to outwit him. I repeat: The raging laughing-stocks tried to outwit one of the singly MORE

Patton Oswalt’s AWESOME ‘Star Wars’ filibuster on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Patton Oswalt

Yes, this is the second time this week that we've featured Patton Oswalt. I know, it's almost as if we've started featuring talented people who've worked for years to perfect their craft! WHAT HAVE WE BECOME? Anyway, Patton is guest starring on tonight's Parks and Recreation, where he'll be filibustering a Pawnee bill by talking about the upcoming Star Wars movies. The best part: The entire thing is completely improvised. That's just Patton MORE

Patton Oswalt’s Inspiring Message: The Good Outnumber You, and We Always Will

Patton Oswalt

In light of yesterday's horrific and deadly Boston Marathon bombing, there's still a lot of uncertainty and confusion as to what exactly happened and who is responsible for what happened. But in light of all that, comedian Patton Oswalt has so far summed things up in the most optimistic and dignified way possible on his Facebook page ... Boston. Fucking horrible. I remember, when 9/11 went down, my reaction was, "Well, I've had it with MORE

Patton Oswalt declares war on pro-heckler critics!

Patton Oswalt

Yes, I know, writing about Patton Oswalt and stand-up comedy and heckling may be a little myopic, but I wrote not one but TWO articles about One Direction today. I need this. Anyway, last week, the Chicago Tribune ran a piece by Nina Metz and Chris Borrelli in which they defended hecklers and talked about how heckling is so funny, which is a sure fire way to completely discredit yourself as a comedy critic. In response, best comedian ever Patton MORE

George Lucas ignored Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt

If you've never heard comedian Patton Oswalt's bit about why the Star Wars prequels simply didn't work, what is wrong with you? Why don't you enjoy the nice things we have? I BLAME YOU FOR THINGS! Anyway, here it is now. Do yourself a favor and listen to it now. See? Hilarious! Anyway, Patton was asked about how the people at LucasArts dealt with it, and it turns out? They have no idea he ever said anything. Via Huffington Post: You got MORE

Patton Oswalt: Shut the hell up at the movies!

Patton Oswalt

As we all know, people who text during movies are the opposite of the best because they are THE WORST. Which is why the Alamo Drafthouse brought in director Jason Reitman and funny guy Patton Oswalt to remind you all to not talk or text during the movies. If you do, those around you are allowed to forcibly insert your cell phone into your rectum. If you can text using the walls of your anus, then you can use your cell phone. If not, shut up! MORE

Guess which pumpkin slut Patton Oswalt ran into?

Patton Oswalt/Pheobe Price

Super fun pop quiz time! If you've been on the Internet in the past few hours you've probably heard this one, but for those who haven't, here's your quiz: Patton Oswalt went to a pumpkin patch recently with his family, and a certain skanky famewhore was there posing for the paparazzi she paid to tag along with her because that's the only reason people care about her. Patton tweeted the whole thing and completely destroyed her, because that's just MORE

Patton Oswalt in a 5 second film!

Patton Oswalt

Consider this my way of padding articles so I can make it to 6 posts for the day apologizing for the Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera video from before. Here's a collection of videos Patton Oswalt recently did for 5secondfilms. Why? Because you deserve it, America. You. Deserve. It. The Final Battle from 5-Second Films on Vimeo. You Got Mail from 5-Second Films on Vimeo. Crabwalkin' from 5-Second Films on Vimeo. MORE